emonTx / emonTH configure RF settings via serial (released FW: V2.6 / V3.2)

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(Glyn Hudson) #1

emonTx V3 firmware now allows the RF settings (nodeID, freq, group) to be configured via serial. Settings are saved to EEPROM and persistent between power cycles.

Update: these changes have now been released FW V:2.6+

Enter ‘+++’ then [Enter] during the POST (Power-On Self-Test) 10s delay during startup to enter config:

Note: Ensure serial monitor is set to NL/CR. Arduino IDE serial monitor may need to be restarted after charging the line ending selection.

emonTx V3.4 Discrete Sampling V2.60
No EEPROM config
RFM69CW Node: 8 Freq: 433Mhz Group: 210
POST.....wait 10s
'+++' then [Enter] for RF config mode
Entering config mode...

Available commands:
  <nn> i     - set node IDs (standard node ids are 1..30)
  <n> b      - set MHz band (4 = 433, 8 = 868, 9 = 915)
  <nnn> g    - set network group (RFM12 only allows 212, 0 = any)
  s          - save config to EEPROM
  v          - Show firmware version
[emonTx FW: V2.60]  i8 g210 @ 433 MHz USA 0 
i12 g210 @ 433 MHz USA 0 
Done. New config saved to EEPROM
  i12 g210 @ 433 MHz USA 0 
  • Enter new config, e.g to set node ID of 12 enter 12i
  • Save to EEPROM by entering s

On next reset the new config will be loaded from EEPROM >

emonTx V3.4 Discrete Sampling V2.60
Loaded EEPROM RF config >
RFM69CW Node: 12 Freq: 433Mhz Group: 210
POST.....wait 10s
'+++' then [Enter] for RF config mode
CT 1 Cal 90.90
CT 2 Cal 90.90
CT 3 Cal 90.90
CT 4 Cal 16.67
RMS Voltage on AC-AC  is: ~1V
AC-AC NOT detected - Apparent Pwr measure enabled
Assuming VRMS: 230V
Assuming power from batt / 5V USB - power save enabled
NO CT's detected
No temperature sensor

Screen cast demo:

See emonTx V3 repo:

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(Glyn Hudson) #2

(Glyn Hudson) #3

Update: After success on the emonTx V3 the Serial RF node ID config feature is now available in the latest emonTH V2 firmware (V3.2+).

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