EmonTH technical info

Continuing the discussion from emonTx / emonTH configure RF settings via serial (released FW: V2.6 / V3.2):

I did a google on EmonTH and the first few results seem to point to old information. The Wiki entry is great information but I don’t think it has been updated for a while. It is also rather difficult to find.

What in particular are you looking for?

The comprehensive list of all resources for emonTH V2 can be found here: Resources - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

In the case of emonTH V2, the hardware technical documentation (port map, schematic etc) are on Github: GitHub - openenergymonitor/emonth2: emonTH V2 wireless temperature & humidity sensor with SI7021 sensor

Going forward for all hardware units the technical docs will be on git hub rather than the wiki e.g. heat pump monitor. Doc revisions are much easier to manage on GitHub since each edit is associated with a commit reference and the docs also stay current revisioned with the hardware and firmware.

I was trying to remind myself about pulse sensing. I have a pretty old TH, Jan 2014, but it is very difficult to differentiate between V2 info and V1 information.

Ah, I had forgotten this was all hidden away under ‘resources’. I’ve said before that this is not an intuitive category in the technical section.

I think the key indicator that something is not right is that Google isn’t finding the right page! The guide itself not being searchable (other than by using google!) does not help.

I’d also point out there is nothing about RFM12 on that page (again us poor folk on old hardware).

It would be useful to know exactly what hardware revision you have (printed on PCB) and what firmware version you are running, printed to serial at startup.

Assuming you have hardware V1.5: Pulse counting was added into the firmware from firmware V2.1 but I would recommend updating to V2.7:

Set define RF69_COMPAT 0 for RFM12B


Hi Glyn, Thanks. Looks like a V1 to me (no version that I can see but does not look like the picture of the V1.5)

Yes, that’s a V1 with a Ciseco RFu (RFM + MCU) unit. The version number is on the rear of the PCB I think. I’m afraid there is not any pulse counting firmware available for the V1 hardware.