Getting Started

Questions and support with regard to getting started with OpenEnergyMonitor.


Discussions related to hardware and firmware


Emoncms support and development.


Discussion regarding emonSD pre-built Raspberry Pi (emonPi / emonBase) SD card image software stack included with all emonPi units. Based on Debian Raspbian. Includes Emoncms local server.


Discussion related to how the system is used. Data analysis & reporting e.g. solar PV monitoring, heat pump monitoring, building thermal monitoring, smart grid and EV charging control & diversion. Share experiences, techniques and results.


Integrating OpenEnergyMonitor and Emoncms with other services e.g. node-RED, openHAB, WeMo, Hive, OWL, Nest etc.

Sustainable Energy

Discussions regarding sustainable energy and energy systems.


OpenEnergyMonitor Labs: This is a space for early development of new ideas. These may not be part of the core system and may be discarded or taken forward in time.

Community Marketplace

Swap / buy / sell hardware and request / offer experience or services.


Discussion and feedback regarding OpenEnergyMonitor organisation: website, documentation, shop and forum.


This area is temporary, and can be used to familiarise yourself with the new forum. Feel free to make posts here, try out the text formatting and learn how to add images, etc.
PLEASE! don't post questions or requests for help here - they won't be answered!