DIYBMS for Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cells (LiFePo4) 280aH

Hi - thanks for the files - will try to convert it and then I will come back to you.

Yesterday I’ve ordered pcb’s from your gerber files and received that email from jlcpcb:

Hi Sir or madam,

Well got your order with many thanks~
Sorry to bother you, but there is an issue that we want to confirm with you before proceeding.
As shown below, the indicated hole on pad is non-plated hole.
Is that normal?
Shall we make it as plated through hole?
Your early reply will be highly appreciated!
Thank you so much!

Has this ever happened to you? I have also the same problem with visualization of smt as mentioned above but there was no questions about this from jlcpcb.

should be both plated it is so on the EasyEDA file!
Due to the various vias around it, and the fact that it’s going to be bolted on top of the bridges so will be clamped between 2 nuts wont make any difference, but yes tell them you want it plated. When I have some time I’ll check the gerber files.


Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I have Pylontech US2000 and H48050 batteries but no Inverter/Charger yet.

I want to test/charge the batteries first before considering spending big on a ‘supported’ Inverter/charger.

Has anyone here encountered Plylontech batteries or specifically used your DiyBMS with them at all?



Thanks again to Stuart, VAS, JAU and all others for the great work.
I finally found the time to go through the hassle of ordering at jlcpcb.

I could not work out how to use the “coupon” that stuart mentions on his github.
Intention was that he gets some reward for his work.
Will have to spend him a beer now ( or two :wink: )

I also got a complaint from the JLCPCB review team about the “non-plated hole”.
I checked the gerbers and indeed the file “Drill_NPTH_Through.DRL” has one hole declared which should be declared in “Drill_PTH_Through.DRL”.
As i do not have access to the edaeasy source i made a “quickandirty” fix.
Just moved the hole to the PTH drill file and deleted the NPTH drill file ( as it does no longer declare anything ).
I checked it online at and it seems to be okay. (249.7 KB)

I also made a bad mistake while trying to find a substitute for AQY212GSZ.
I thought it would be a good idea to use the “global sourcing parts” feature of their website.
Long story short i now have 23 parts arriving at jlcpcb in the future which i can not use. Because the controller modules are in production already and the y claim that this process is “unstoppable and uncorrectable” regarding the parts selection.

I should have known better after trying to order for some hours.
Their website is a PITA!

Sorry for shouting here…
Maybe it keeps others from making that mistake.


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I made remade them for my cells.

I will test it soon.

nice, you shifted EVERYTHING about :grin:

Today I put my First VAS CELL BOARD into service!

nice, one down 15 to go :grin:
two recommendations:

  1. insulate the busbars!
  2. shorten and twist the cables between the modules. Mine are less than 10cm long and twisted.


Don’t forget to clamp in your cells to prevent them from swelling.

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The battery is in test stadium.
Did not jet find the time to put it in a cupboard, cut the Data cables
and produce a pressing stand.

First I have to produce a vacuum table for my CNC mill.
Then I cut the boards for stand.
And then I move the complete battery.

Come time comes improvement! :slight_smile:

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I can’t flash my cell monitor
What flasher do u guys use? i have a USBASP.

platformio.ini - Untitled (Workspace) - Visual Studio Code (