Public heatpump dashboards?

I was wondering if any members had made their heatpump monitoring graphs public?
Is it possible to share publicly the whole built in ‘heat pump app’?

I asked so that interested up and coming heat pump owners (ie me) could take a look?
I’m totally curious about run times and minimum loads / COP etc at different outside temperatures.

Appreciate that every install will be different and will perform differently. :+1:

I’d hope to work out a way to share my Heat Pump App when I get mine installed.

It’s possible but I’m not sure if anyone has done it. It might be easier for someone with an account to do than someone with a EmonPi on their home network.

You can get a lot of info about minimum loads and CoPs from the manufacturer databooks. The ecodan one is definitely online at Ecodan ATW Databook R32 2020 - Document Library - Mitsubishi Electric

Yeah, I was definitely thinking of somehow getting emoncms version out there for public view.

Maybe even hosting a separate online/public version separate from our private accounts?

I’m running EmonCMS on a fully fledged web server, which I’m happy to share on request.

A few things to be wary of before making an app visible publicly:

  1. the URL for an app contains the API key, and defaults to the write key.
    Be sure to replace this with the read-only key instead.
  2. The app page retrieves a full list of all your feeds, even if some are marked private.
  3. My Heatpump app mostly works without a login, though the All Time History is broken.
  4. The alternate MMSP Heatpump app only works with a login (doesn’t use API key)

Side note: always put your API key in the POST data when uploading, never as a param in the URL.

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Thanks Tim, that all looks cool.

Certainly something that I’d like to have a go at publishing when I get my ASHP (hopefully through the summer).

I don’t think there is enough real world data out there for folks to see.
Yes, there are some people sharing the odd screenshot and monthly summaries, but I’d like to be able to share all the data I can. As I hope my installation would be a good one. LOL.

I could possibly go down the public web server route too, host it somewhere or other.

My other thought was maybe influx/grafana combo which I’m familiar with through my energy-stats site.
But you wouldn’t get the cool ‘cop in window’ etc.

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I’ve recently discovered, and am now pushing my solar generation / consumption / etc data to it. It’s very well suited to collecting and aggregating PV data over long periods and displaying it publicly.

It would be handy if there was something similar for heat pump performance data…

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Yeah, i’ve been putting my stuff upto PVO for about 3.5 years now.

That’s a cracking idea, a PVO for heatpump data… how do we make that happen? :smiley: