Introducing - a public dashboard of heat pump performance

Inspired by the threads Public heatpump dashboards? and Sharing heat pump data, and with help from @TrystanLea, we now have Here you can see a variety of heat pump installations, with information about the installation and the property, and a link to the detailed stats for each. The table can be sorted and filtered as required.

If you want to add yours, then the process is as follows:

  1. set up a public instance of emoncms, or an account at
  2. add the “My Heatpump” app configured with your feeds, and tick the ‘Public’ option
  3. click the link to the form and fill it in details about your system
  4. your submission will appear after it’s been checked and approved

This dashboard is likely to develop and grow as we think of more ideas of what to do with it; suggestions welcome!


Thanks Tim for all of your help and initiative with this! it’s going to be great seeing how this develops! Feels like a powerful resource already!

For those interested the code for the table dashboard website is available on github here and Tim has outlined a few more feature ideas there which might be useful for the conversation, see: The idea is to approach this as an open source community initiative, so it will very much be what we make of it.

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Excellent work, will try and help where I can.

Conscious not to overload the summary page, but would anyone else be interested in knowing which refrigerant the heat pump model uses? Or is that just me? :grinning:

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We do ask about refrigerant in the form (plus some other things), but space in the table is limited. I have an idea how we can present this at some point…



Do you need to update the link on the webpage to link to this thread now, rather than the old thread I started?


Thanks for the nudge - that’s done now.


Thanks Tim. Looking good. Interesting as much for the different “patterns” for the flow / power profiles of each system as it is for the live COP values.


Dashboard now features 10 air source heat pumps! Thanks to everyone who’s joined so far, it’s interesting to see how different systems perform.

New feature added tonight: click on the ⊞ to expand the row to see the additional information about the system, including refrigerant, zones, controls, etc. Click it again to close it.


Nice work @Timbones the latest updates are looking really nice!

Having made some adjustments to various operating parameters for our ASHP we are getting typically ~1.5 to 2.0C lower flow temps (at any given outside temp).
Clearly flow temp is one of the main parameters controlling COP so this is a quick way of assessing how well any adjustments are working.

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Nesta and Octopus are running a heatpump research project at the moment: which might be of interest to folk here.


The link in that tweet takes me to a form which doesn’t comply with nesta’s privacy policy because it does not tell you more info about the research uses before taking your personal details. You have to agree to the policy, but it seems they flout it!

Why would anyone trust such clowns with their data?

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That’s a fair point.

We’ll see if they reply to my reply to their tweet. now shows 30 Day COP to make it easier to compare systems that might not have a full year of data yet, or have optimised their systems recently. It doesn’t make much of a difference, except to put mine a little higher up when sorted. :slight_smile:

Would love to see some ground source systems in this table…


Nice addition! bumps mine up a few places :slight_smile:


Mine is never gonna win the charts with my DHW regime. My heating COP is ace. But I drag the overall figure down by deciding to go with 250L of 55C water!! :rofl:

It might be something I look at in the future, but when using overnight off-peak electric, it makes sense to make the most of it.

Financial cost versus COP. :man_shrugging:


Good point! I was both wondering and impressed with how high those flow temperatures were going!

Id like to split out space heating, water heating and standby in the app and bring that through to the heat pump list as well. Then we can place higher/lower on different measures.

E.g In a passivhaus with very low heating requirements, a heat pump is much more likely to spend more time on standby which will drag down it’s apparent COP. Hot water heating will also be a more substantial share of heat demand. The COP while doing the space heating might actually be quite good but the overall average might not reflect that.


I’m still getting a COP of 3 heating to 55C.
If you look at the data you’ll see the heat pump is heating the water to 65C as the DT is 10 on my hot water. It’s something I need to have a proper play with.

Although some of this might be cos i’m ramping down the flow rate to stop the heat meter crapping out.
If I can speed the flow rate back up, it might squeeze the DT a little.

I don’t think having the heat plate exchange helps either as I have to manage the pump/DT on that side too into the cylinder. A coil would have been a much simpler affair.

In the first week with the Arotherm I even had the hot water running at target 65C and it did the job.
Although Adam Heat Geek wasn’t convinced that would be good for the long term health of the ASHP.

I’d love to see this. But don’t envy the logic how you’re gonna differentiate.
Would you do it by flow temp? Or by electric input?