Open EVSE - Losing Wi-Fi

I’m finding that my OpenEVSE WiFi is losing connection on an almost daily basis.

It is on V4.1.1 and is the ESP32 version (but not the most recent with different power supply requirements).

It used to be rock solid but now it refuses connection and the MQTT feed stops; the only recourse is to cut the power to the unit at the CU and then on reboot it is fine again.

The OpenEVSE unit continues to charge fine; last night it charged my wife’s Zoe from 00:30 to 04:30 but the MQTT feed stopped around 03:00. The night before, the charge was the same time and the MQTT feed stopped about 06:00. I can’t connect to the unit.

The AP it connects to hasn’t moved/changed and other devices are using it fine.

Is there a known issue with v4.1.1 or is the ESP32 on its way out? I guess I could get the latest board to eliminate it being hardware.

I’m still having this issue; charger continues to work fine but the emoncms and MQTT feeds stop and the web interface won’t connect. In addition, my network controller reports the OpenEVSE offline.

I’ve now purchased the combined wireless / wired ESP32 board and will run a cable to the unit when I get a spare hour or so; hopefully that’ll resolve it.

You could also use a Esp32 wroom 32u with the external antenna, this has a much better range, although you need a buck converter rather than take power from the evse board like the original.