OpenEVSE becomes unresponsive

Initially, I thought the unit was disconnecting from the Wi-Fi like in this thread.

Open EVSE - Losing Wi-Fi

But according to UniFi the unit is staying connected. It becomes unresponsive and also stops charging. A power cycle fixes it but this happens in the depths of the night when I am asleep and my car hasn’t charged.

Any idea’s please @TrystanLea or @glyn.hudson? How can I gather logs for you?

Hi Max,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues.

Can you ping the unit?
Can you access the status page e.g http:///status
What WiFi FW version are you running?

The WiFi module dropping off the network should not stop the unit from charging,

Hi Glyn,

Thanks. The unit become completely unresponsive. I cannot ping or anything. It is running V4.1.

I completely reset the unit and this seems to have helped a little but now WiFi won’t stay connected. I have to keep connecting to the built-in AP and entering the password again. Even this doesn’t work sometimes, and I have to power cycle it numerous times before it will connect.

Are there any logs I can capture?


It sounds like the WiFi module is struggling to maintain a connection, what’s the RSSI (signal strength) of the WiFi module? The a more negative value means a weaker connection. My home openevse has -56 RSSI, and I’ve not had any issues. This is visible on the System tab:

You could also try updating to V4.1.2 which is the latest version:

I will try the update and let you know.

There is an AP in the garage and the unit get’s -50 dbm.

When it disconnected yesterday I connected to the EVSE’s wi-fi and it said the Wi-Fi password was wrong. No amount of reconnecting or restarting would work. I created a new Wi-FI SSID and it connected straight away. But it randomly disconnected this morning at 7.28am, restarting the EVSE did connect it back though.

The update made no difference. It is disconnecting from WiFi multiple times a day and refusing to connect without entering the password again.

If I connect to the EVSE when in AP mode, after it’s disconnected from the house WiFi, then look at the Debug, it is not saying anything about WiFi.

Any ideas?