WHY you need to attach your images to your post

This is a prime example of why we want forum users to attach their images to their posts.

The image that was linked to is no longer available. This post has lost its value
and is now a source of confusion/frustration for a user who may have the same

If you are a new user and cannot attach images to your posts, all you need to do is
mention that fact. One of the moderators will resolve the issue.



Wrist suitable slapped - image now uploaded in my reply.

I’m still seeing this:

in the original thread. Did you attach the image somewhere else?

There seems to be no option to edit the post so I replied to it with the image.
Look in the replies

This isn’t necessary anymore, I’ve just enabled a new feature on the forum which will automatically copy remote images, so it’s not an issue if someone links to a remote image:


Great feature!

Didn’t work retrospectively. I edited the original post.

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Thanks. Yes, it won’t work retrospectively

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