My Heatpump app: Recent updates and tips

Continuing the discussion from Emoncms stable release v11.4.2

Here’s some more detail of the recent improvements to My Heatpump app, which is what provides the charts for (as well as self monitoring):

  1. There’s a share button in the top-right corner which is a link to the current view, either a section of the daily barchart or the real-time power charts
    • links with just &mode=power param will open app directly to last 24 hours on power chart
  2. Calculation of “COP 30mins” on current stats has been fixed
    • click on COP to toggle to “COP Now”, and vice versa.
  3. Daily barchart navigation has addition of “Day”, “3 Months” and “Year”
    • “Day” shows the last 24 hours on power chart; easier than clicking on the last bar.
  4. Daily COP is now shown on the barchart, as blue points

  1. Nav bar on power chart has additional “6 hour” button
  2. App config can accept two additional feeds to highlight heating and hot water cycles
    • also provides separate energy and COP stats for each
    • see this post for more detail
  3. New option to show Instantaneous COP as a blue line on the chart
    • adjust the min/max bounds and smoothing as required
  4. Experimental features for estimating effective radiator output and volume


Thanks for summarising this so clearly! @Timbones

Hi @Timbones
Loving the updates. :+1:
Just a couple of minor suggestions

  1. Could the second y-axis be coloured purple to match the outside air temp? Thinking about this I guess not because it also matches indoor air for those that have it. So,
  2. Could there be a legend and/or labels? When I have shared snapshots outside this forum one of the first questions is “what’s going on?”, it also took me a few mins to work out when I first stumbled here. It takes up screen space but I think it would be worth it.
  1. on the daily view? I did try to set the axis colour, but the chart widget ignored me. I’ll try harder.
  2. there is a legend across the top of the power chart, but not the daily one. Should be easy to add.

Another new partly hidden feature: hover over the ‘COP in window’ value to bring up a tooltip with a bit more information:


The other hidden feature is to click on the COP 30 mins value at the top of the app to toggle instantaneous COP.


New Features

:zap: automatic update and scrolling of power graph, to show live data
:link: extended shared URLs to include flow, cop and carnot settings
:thermometer: added heatpump_targetT feed for showing target room or flow temperature

Bug Fixes

:beetle: Ignore data from the future when calculating DHW and heating kWh
:lady_beetle: Use average when fetching DHW and CH feeds to avoid aliasing
:ant: Match axis colour for outside temp on daily barchart

Hot Tip

:fire: bookmark your own app and append &mode=power&hours=6 for a live dashboard of your system that always shows the last 6 hours. Adjust as desired. Can also add &cop=1 and &flow=1.

Available now at or pull the latest App module for self-hosted instances.


:tada: thanks @Timbones !!

Thank you @Timbones! :pray: that was quick!

With all the chat about defosts, I wanted to have an easier way to get at the quantity of heat lost to defrosts and also have the option to show the defrost heat below the zero line. Now available in the app :snowflake:


Interestingly, my integration (heat meter via Melcloud) doesn’t record any negative heat, but if I plot Carnot heat I can maybe see what it would have been?

Link to sample: Emoncms - app view

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The carnot heat doesn’t really work for defrosts unfortunately, it really needs to infer flow rate from previous period and then carry that through the defrost to calculate negative heat at that point rather than use carnot:

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Do you have to allow negative values in power for this Trystan?

I think I have a rule on my input to feed, ‘allow positive’?