Emoncms stable release v11.4.2

I’m preparing for a new emonSD image release and have been creating stable releases of the different system components. I haven’t been keeping on top of stable releases and change logs for some time. So I will try and summarise what I can of the changes over the last year.

I last did a forum release post back in January Emoncms stable release v11.3.0. So I have detailed changes since that release.

Emoncms Core 11.4.2

  • Fixed issue where 5-second interval feeds were generated in the absence of a selected interval.
  • Fixed feed model error for invalid feed engine and related getmeta error.
  • Code cleanup and documentation improvements thanks to @reedy
  • New datapoint editor to replace older edit realtime and edit daily tools (available in visualisations section).
  • Removed option to change input names (to avoid input recreation and orphaned inputs)
  • Option to create a user from the admin users list.
  • Fixed support for emonLibDB in serial configuration ui.
  • Update log no longer hides after 3 seconds thanks to @CDuffy
  • Improved service status display
  • Dataplicity HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PORT fix.
  • Fixed PHP8 depreciation warnings, thanks to @matheworres
  • Documentation updates thanks to @borpin
  • Fix using using SSL with MQTT without client certificate @lechercheur123

Emoncms App module 2.7.9

  • A lot of MyHeatpump app development as detailed in other threads :grinning: thanks to @Timbones for his help!
  • Allow wider use of non PHPFina engines.
  • New: CO2 Monitor app for decay curve air change rate measurement.
  • New: Storage explorer app (needs more work)
  • New: UK Grid app
  • Fixed time of use app off-peak period overlapping midnight
  • Fixed MySolar live update, data index and undefined value errors.
  • Styling improvements for app configuration, improved mobile support

Emoncms Device module 2.2.3

  • New emonHP device template

Emoncms Sync module 2.1.5

  • sync_all.php script option
  • fix for missing $feed variable thanks to @davefiddes
  • improved authentication feedback & show apikey when recorded.

Emoncms Postprocess module 2.4.7

  • Revamped user interface
  • New post process to remove NAN values, replacing with last value
  • New post process to limit values more than or less than set limits.
  • New down sampling post process
  • New allow negative post process
  • New to signed post process
  • New solar direct calculation process
  • Updated import and export process
  • Tool to help select feeds for formula process
  • Script for converting all 5s PHPFina feeds to 10s interval feeds (convert_all_5s_to_10s.php).
  • Fix PHP7 Compatibility (avoid errors for those still running PHP7)

Emoncms Backup module 2.3.3

  • A significant piece of work adding hostname and error handling to the export process, thanks to @CDuffy!
  • Added sdd and sde to list of drives to scan, thanks to @borpin
  • Menu consistency fix, thanks to @alexandrecuer

Emoncms Usefulscripts 2.3.11

  • Agile script options for feed tag and name thanks to @borpin
  • Updated scripts to help with configuration and testing of MBUS meters.

OpenEnergyMonitor RFM2Pi 1.4.2

  • Fixed emonBase RFM69 LPL firmware frequency
  • JeeLink environment added
  • Updated boards.txt and bootloader instructions, thanks to @brandock

OpenEnergyMonitor emonPi 3.0.2

  • Support for emonPi2 LCD script
  • Recent: Minor documentation changes
  • emonPi_CM LowPowerLabs firmware improvements (April 2023)
  • Larger documentation changes with new docs site earlier in the year.

OpenEnergyMonitor emonhub 2.5.9

Changelog back to 2.5.2 (last release)

  • Samsung ASHP modbus registers added
  • Support for sending names via emoncms interfacer with data compression
  • Changes to support new documentation website, thanks to @borpin for his help with this!
  • add support for QP6 Kamstrup403 MWh readings
  • Force emonhub log folder to user:root ownership @borpin
  • fix negative minimal modbus integer readings
  • emonPiCM node decoder
  • add support for rayleigh modbus meter
  • include emonTx4 3 phase node decoder
  • fix modbus tcp interfacer
  • SDM630 modbus meter support improvements

OpenEnergyMonitor EmonScripts 1.6.22

  • Option to disable 1-wire via config.ini, thanks to @borpin
  • Install PHP8.0 if ARMv6 architecture @borpin
  • Updated Raspberrypi installation documentation @borpin
  • Developer notes for EmonScripts @borpin
  • Updated firmware options
  • Python3 based command line firmware upload tool
  • The install.sh and main.sh have been updated to copy stdout and stderr to both the terminal and also a log file. thanks to @CDuffy
  • Fixed listener requirement in latest mosquitto.conf
  • Fixed emonSD download MD5
  • Temporary fix for pip3 install errors (ignore and bypass warning for now)

Emoncms Graph module: no changes
Emoncms Dashboard module: no changes
Emoncms Config (EmonHub) module: no changes
Emoncms Setup module: no changes
Emoncms Wifi module: no changes
OpenEnergyMonitor Avrdude-rpi: no changes


Excellent work @TrystanLea - a good shift.

Now, if we could just sort the Agile app to accept just HH data and make Go/Agile optional… :rofl:

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BTW, if you have a chance, could you check if the PiZero build still works with emonScripts, please?

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I’ve uploaded the latest image build (emonSD-20Nov23) to the server and created the related entry on the emonSD documentation page: https://docs.openenergymonitor.org/emonsd/download.html.

Important note

This image has been built with deployment on the emonPi2 in mind (which should start to be available in the next 3-4 weeks). To use this image on an existing emonPi v1 or emonBase, a different emonhub.conf configuration file is required. Copy the older configuration file from here and replace the version that’s on the SD card via the Setup > EmonHub > Edit config interface.

The new emonhub.conf reads from the attached emonPi2 board on /dev/ttyAMA0 at 115200 baud, while the original emonPi sent it’s data at 38400 baud.

    Type = EmonHubOEMInterfacer
        com_port = /dev/ttyAMA0
        com_baud = 115200 # For original emonPi change this to 38400
        pubchannels = ToEmonCMS,
        subchannels = ToRFM12,

The SPI entry is also different, specifying different pin mappings to those currently used by the RFM69spi:

    Type = EmonHubRFM69LPLInterfacer
        nodeid = 5
        networkID = 210
        resetPin = 24
        selPin = 16
        pubchannels = ToEmonCMS,

Removing the custom pin configuration will default to those that work with the RFM69spi.

Temperature sensing is also included as standard in the new configuration file as the emonPi2 uses emonHub to read from the DS18B20 temperature sensors directly, this section can be removed if using the image with the original emonPi or emonBase.

    Type = EmonHubDS18B20Interfacer
        pubchannels = ToEmonCMS,
        read_interval = 10
        nodename = sensors
        # ids = 28-000008e2db06, 28-000009770529, 28-0000096a49b4
        # names = ambient, cyl_bot, cyl_top

This image also enables temperature sensing on RaspberryPi pin GPIO 17. This can be disabled by removing ‘dtoverlay=w1-gpio,gpiopin=17’ from the bottom of /boot/config.txt. This is required to enable the shutdown button on the side of the original emonPi.

The above emonhub.conf modifications do not need to be done manually, it is also possible to drop in your existing emonhub.conf if your upgrading an existing system or copy the older version from here: https://github.com/openenergymonitor/emonhub/blob/master/conf/default.emonhub.conf

I predict that is going to cause major support issues.

I don’t think this approach is a good idea.

I’d rather the most common config file is the default and add the ability to select a different default emonhub config file from the UI rather than expect 100% of the existing user base to make this change (as 100% are currently on the old format)!

Very few users will be taking this image and using it in a emonPi2 form several years!!!

I am also extremely suspicious of the way the emonhub file is handled on upgrade. Seems to me there are always issues when restoring from a backup to a new image.

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Perhaps we should provide two image downloads for now? an out of the box emonPi2 image and an out of the box emonPi1 / emonBase image?

Yes Id like to look at that again.

I think providing a mechanism to load a config file for an emonPi2 would be the best way forward. Having 2 images starts to increase workload. The chances of anyone needing a new Pi2 image in the near future should be very low!

This also impacts anyone using emonhub standalone of course as well (I’m actually about to build a new Pi with just emonhub for an RFM addon card as it happens :slight_smile: )

Obviously the shop might need it’s own image :slight_smile:

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Brian, I assume you mean works… not still works because it doesn’t currently - probably due to the different architecture.

Whatever, it needs to be very clearly indicated in the scripts - in fact, is there a way to test for a basic PZ? and abort if the architecture isn’t compatible?


Trystan, can you also do some editing of the comments about what to comment out in the scripts if you decide to do a self install - it’s very confusing currently - what do you leave out/leave in and why. It takes a few iterations to decide what works and doesn’t.


Agreed ideally a mechanism during first startup with the option to select would be great, that’s quite a bit of development work so wont be able to do that just yet. In the mean time I have uploaded two image variants and updated the description accordingly.

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Thanks @Bramco

I thought this was covered quite well in the comments and install/build documentation already? Happy for pull requests to the documentation with improvements to these descriptions. If you have recently been through this your feedback on specific lines that could have a comment added would be great.

I recently bought a pre-loaded SD card. Things I found/find confusing:

  1. I couldn’t find anywhere the pi password. It was only after email conversation with Glyn that I learned I have to expand a section on the emonSD Download page to find it :frowning: That necessity needs explaining on the page.

  2. On my system at the bottom of the pages it says “low-write 11.3.22” but on the emonSD Download page the releases are called something different (e.g. “emonSD-10Nov22 (Stable)” ) which is very confusing and the version advertised on my system doesn’t seem to appear on the page, which is disturbing! What’s the story there? Ah, and looking in the Admin interface, when I eventually found that :frowning: has both in different places. Very confusing.

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Last time I checked, the Scripts Build does work with a PiZero - the image doesn’t. However, things have undoubtedly changed wrt the installed packages, hence my request to see if it built OK.

Could you also add somewhere this isn’t compatible with the PiZero (not sure about the PiZero2).

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Works fine on PiZero2 :grin:

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Please don’t double post. Double posting creates two possible sets of replies and confuses everyone.

The duplicate post has been deleted.

Thank you,