Interesting ideas and questions raised by for BetaTeach

In no particular order:

  • grid profiles and aggregation looking at grid electricity demand profiles from the aggregated total electric demand of all heat pumps on HeatpumpMonitor.

  • Vaillant inbuilt monitoring vs MID meters - #51 by Andre_K Vaillant flow and return temperature sensors showing a constant offset even when compressor is off suggesting an offset error that might explain a good part of the variation in performing both higher and lower than parallel MID monitoring. Another example here. Potential for significant improvement in Vaillant monitoring accuracy with factory calibration at relatively low cost?

  • A start on over-sizing vs performance analysis: Exploring measured design heat demand using the HeatpumpMonitor heat demand tool Heat pump oversizing data analysis (not quite heat loss as it’s heat demand including DHW and after gains).

  • It would be good to do more analysis on flow temperature when running vs COP, e.g the 10 highest air source COP’s in January 2024 with 28 or more days of data: Best had an average flow temp when running of 31.4C, highest flow temp of the top 10 = 33.1C. That’s the kind of flow temp you need to average during colder winter months to get COP>4

You can also turn that around and ask what range of COP’s do systems with a average flow temperature when running of 33-34C get during January temperatures (3.6 - 4.0):