Emoncms Android app V2.0.8 RELEASED

Continuing the discussion from Emoncms Android App V2 Beta Testing (now released):

Yesterday we rolled out V2.0.8 Android app to production :tada:

This is a significant update to the Emoncms Android app. Thanks a lot to everyone involved, especially @tamsin. See bottom of this post for full list of contributors.

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New features

1. Multiple emoncms accounts:

Monitor multiple Emoncms accounts, very useful for installers, power users etc.
It’s also possible for these accounts to be on different Emoncms servers e.g. emoncms.org, emonPi, emonBase, yourawesomeserver.com etc. Additional account are easily added to the app using the built in QR code scanner and scanning the QR code on the ‘Account’ section of Emoncms.

2. Multiple MyElectric graphs per account:

Useful to monitor more than one power feed: e.g. House consumption, Heat Pump consumption, Solar PV production, EV charging etc.

3. Multiple currency rates for each MyElectric graph:

e.g day rate / night rate, Economy7, solar PV FIT, hydro etc.

4. Language Translations:

French, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish all rank among the top 5 for the Emoncms app in terms of active installs. We have now added the full native language support they deserve. Thanks a lot to the community for helping to proof and beta test. See bottom of this post for how to get involved.

5. Chromebook support:

Many Chromebooks can now run native android apps, the Emoncms app works great on a Chromebook. It’s much quicker to load than the web version and does not require a login each time.

See Emoncms Android app GitHub repo ‘Releases’ for change log.


The main features of the V2 update were contributed open-source by Tamsin Slinn. We very much appreciate all her hard work.

Also thanks to:

  • @JumpMaster (Original app author: various fixes and guidence)
  • @bidouilleur French translation proofreading & corrections)
  • @revil.o (German translation proofreading & corrections)
  • @joyrider3774 (Dutch translation bug fixing)
  • @pb66 (testing and feedback)

See Android app V2 development forum thread

As always the Android app is fully open-source on GithHub, contributions are most welcome :slight_smile:

The best place to get involved is our community forum and open issues / pull requests direclty on the GitHub repo or reply to this thread.

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Hey Glyn,

The new version looks great! Thanks for sharing the news. I haven’t tinkered with everything yet, but I’m loving what I see. I especially like the multiple power feeds feature; brilliant. Many many props to @tamsin and all who were involved with development. Seems like you guys are really trying to expand the app side of things which I love as I am not super technologically inclined, although I’m learning.



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Hi Andrew,

Thanks a lot for your kind words. @tamsin has put in a lot of work, I’m glad it’s being appreciated. I’m also enjoying using the features of the android app.