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Emoncms Android App V2.0.8 (open beta testing)

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hey glyn,

just got the latest version and noticed the language from the 1st screenshot is not adapted (also did not see it in the diff of your commit). So it still displays “aktief” while it should be “actief”

also noticed that for the selection of the currency “System locale” is displayed as “muntkost” which is a kind of weird translation. “Munt kost” actually means “currency cost” but i’m not certain how one would translate “system locale” to dutch my best guess would be “Systeem instelling” or “Land instelling” which means in english “system setting” or “country setting”. But muntkost does not make much sence

Thanks, both these issues have been fixed :thumbsup:

These fixes will be included in the next beta release.

As always if you see an error a pull-request is the best way to help fix since any chance can’t get (literately in the case!) lost in translation!

yeah i know about pr’s, but i was at work when i noticed them for one and secondly i got a new pc and have to set up everything for github again, i don’t even know if i still have my “putty” key. On top of that also thought i better post about it first so others could shed some light on the best translations and i never created any android app so have no clue about them seems a whole lot of work when someone all set up for it might do it quicker :wink:

Sure, I understand, It’s not a problem. However, using the github web interface there is no need to have GitHub installed on your PC to make small edits. It can be done directly in the browser, just click the pencil icon when viewing a file:

Thanks again for your help. Much appreciated. :thumbsup:

thanks for helping out. My dutch is rusty since I left Belgium about 20 years ago now and I don’t often speak dutch anymore.

Plus when you translate strings it is always hard to guess where they are used in an app, tonight I reviewed some as I saw them in place and indeed some translations were far away from what they actually meant to be
Did a new pull request so these changes will be included in next release, hopefully before final release

And do keep correcting me :slight_smile:

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Hello guys,
app version 2.0.5 with all the strings in Italian are correct, I just wanted to report these two small mistakes:

As always an excellent job: D

I think it would be appropriate to specify in the description on playstore that the app is multi-language and listing supported languages.
If you want I can also do a translation of the text in the play store so maybe Italians users will be more willing to install the app!

What about apps for iOS? I do not think there is multi-language?

Thanks for letting us know

I’ll take a look at this tomorrow…

Could the error message be made more concise to enable it to fit on two lines?

Yes, good idea. When V2 update (currently in beta) is promoted to production the play store description and screenshots will be updated.

Ios is totally separate development. Yes, your correct, I don’t think the ios app does support translation. I’m an Android user even less of an iOS developer than I am an Android developer! We would need to ask @mattjgalloway the developer of the iOS app. Do you have any experience with ios?

regarding the German adaptation:

  • same problem as stated above by Gabriele: when you create a new page by not selecting any feeds the error message does not fit on two lines, it would take three (or more?).
  • Konten (german for Account) is mixed in some places with Account. Under the headline ‘Konten’ there is a message ‘Account hinzufügen’ (‘add account’), which should perhaps be ‘Konto hinzufügen’. But if you press ‘Account hinzufügen’ there are references to ‘Emoncms-Account-Seite’ and ‘My account’. Not sure how to solve that, translate everything strictly to german or simply leave it as it is (my preference) …

I’ll take a look at the error message isssue

Would it be possible for you to edit the German strings to fix the above. I’m happy leaving it the same if it makes sense. I’m keen to get to a release point soon.

V2.0.6 update has started rolling out the beta channel with the following fixes and some new features / tweaks:

  • NL and IT translation fixes @bidouilleur
  • Fix IT day of the week translation screen over run
  • Increase Power Now and Power today font size
  • Fix translation feed error page over run
  • Decrease margin
  • Add custom currency option, thanks @gab.lau :thumbsup:
  • Add app version to settings page, thanks @gab.lau



  • adding custom currency option has introduced a new string ‘custom currency’ which is not translated yet.
  • Version number shown, very good!

The strings to translate are three:

<string name="custom">custom</string>
<string name="settings_title_myelectric_custom_currency">Custom currency</string>
<string name="settings_title_app_information">APP VERSION: </string>

I have already put on the bottom of your files “strings.xml”

Done. I also changed ‘Account’ in most places to ‘Konto’ (still ambiguous about it).

But there is one additional string which does not appear in the strings.xml. It says: ‘Add at least one acoount to proceed’ and comes when the Settings menu is left without any account defined.

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translations to dutch and french are done

on my old nexus a little problem with overflowing text zones, both in dutch and french this happens.

horizontal and vertical

and with the setting not to dim the screen, when I go in the settings page, it does dim after a few minutes … maybe an android bug though

How old is your old nexus?

My old MotoG 2013 running Android 5.1.1. with a 4.5" screen looks like this:

I think the issue is with the Android version, what version are you running?

This is the galaxy nexus :

running Android 4.3, latest it can have … what you can call a good
old-timer but according data this version is still 10% of the droid users …
plus it is a rather small screen compared to today’s models that are more
fablets then tels :slight_smile: though yours is smaller

must be relted to droid version, THE big problem in the Android world, to
many different versions and not all compatible … in a few years it will be
better when those old-timers will be gone

It’s not the handset, version of Android or the internationalisation, here’s my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge running Android 7.0

Why has the font size of the values been increased so significantly? previously it looked really well proportioned and worked with larger numbers too.

I have also noticed it is no longer possible to switch between accounts on the app since updating. selecting another account just results in a black screen. If I then exit the app and reopen it the newly selected account is populated but changing back or to another account results in the same blank page. Anyone else seeing this? I haven’t had any time to look into it yet.

Same problem with the oversize fonts here. Especially on the ‘cost’ page the used font is much too big.

The font size was increased in version V2.0.6 to try and make the Power Now and Today figures more readable at a glance. Especially on wall mounted tablets. Even on my 4.5" Moto G 2013 the font size does not look overly large to me, see my post above for screen shot.

This is what the cost screen looks like for me, again I don’t think it’s overly large:

I think there is a separate issue here with the formatting on different devices. On my devices the units are displayed in a much smaller font, in @bidouilleur and @Paul screenshots the units (/h) are displayed in the same size font.

@Paul does the problem go away if you select some feeds to display and set a unit cost? What version are you running? It’s strange that the ‘H’ character is missing from ‘3H’ and ‘6H’ view. The version number is now shown on the settings page.

Hi @glyn.hudson, it’s @pb66 not @paul.

I’m running v2.0.6, (I had to delete an account to access that due to the issue I previously reported about a month ago Emoncms Android App V2.0.8 (open beta testing))

No, I just used an empty page for a clearer view

I hadn’t noticed that, it is odd. I have the latest version and I have cleared the cache, more than once.