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Creating additional user accounts on local emoncms


New use so still getting used to the kit…

I have my emonpi up and running and have created a local account in emoncms. I would like to create a second account for my wife and then another for my phone to connect as well

Within admin and users there is no option to create another user - am i blindly missing something ?

Thnx for the steer

You are not blind, but it’s been asked before:

@Ardmhacha24 - Hi from one Neil to another!

I had the same question, and for the same purpose (a login for my missus so that she can track our current usage vs the Agile figures for today, and see tomorrow’s prices and best dishwasher hours, etc).

Did you find your solution?

I got as far as editing the /var/www/emoncms/settings.ini file and adding

enable-multi-user = true

to the [interface] section, which gave me the ability to register a login for my wife.

However, her account seems to be just as ‘admin-powered’ as mine (which, with all due respect to my wife, we do not need or want), and her account doesn’t seem to be able to view the devices and feeds that I own/created in my account (yes, the feeds are set public) - so I’m at a loss as to how to wire up a copy of the Octopus Agile App for her, using the same data I’m already logging.

Did you crack this part? It seems strangely inefficient (and thus unlikely) to have to recreate everything from devices, feeds and visualisations all over again, so I am presuming I’m missing something.

I have searched… but tbh, as is so often the case, when searching, one reveals a ton of out-of-date or obsolete version-specific information that just ends up with you spending more time unravelling ancient history and encountering blind alleys than would’ve been the case if someone had just said “yea, do this:” and given you the current information.

Would be grateful for any help, from anyone, to this end. Thanks in advance! :smile:

Dear All,

I have a NOOB question but rather frustrating.

I’m also trying to enable multi user logon

I understand that it is now in the /var/www/emoncms/settings.ini file my interface section of this file looks like this

enable_multi_user = true
enable_admin_ui = true
feedviewpath = “graph/”
favicon = “favicon_emonpi.png”

I am using underscores between words not minus signs as indicated in another post here

I’ve updated the emonpi to latest levels

then made the edit to the settings.ini

Then gracefully rebooted (admin menu)

On reboot and login and have no ability to create any additional user but I can see my own user.

Assistance & Help somebody !



I came across this when searching also for a way for my family to be able to view energy data. I noticed that I can do this as long as they are only interested in viewing the Apps (and the following link mentions Dashboards) by sending a link that contains the read API key.

I notice that when you open one of the Apps you have created it then appends the API key to the URL. For example: http://emonpi/app/view?name=Time+of+use&apikey=xyz where xyz is the API key. This link can then be shared and it works well. I notice that it appends the write API key but you can change to the read one (click on your user in top-right and select “My Account” to find this) which also works well for me.

I should mention that I am very new to emonpi (just set it up last weekend) so please feel free to correct me if there are any issues with doing this, or any better way.