Creating users with different permissions on local Emoncms

I’m new to Emoncms and I’ve been searching for ways to create different users on my local Emoncms (installed in a Raspberry Pi 3 B+) with different levels of permission. I’ve gone until the part of changing the enable multiple users to true in the settings file, but that only allows me to create other users that work as administrators and these additional accounts can’t access what I’ve done and vice versa. I’ve found these two links here about this issue: Creating additional user accounts on local emoncms
Create a 2nd emoncms user?
But no answer.
Am I missing something? Or does local Emoncms not allow the creation of other users for limited access to what I’ve developed?

Hello @fmqs, yes there is no other user level implemented in emoncms. Users all have write and read access to their own accounts, the ability to setup inputs,feeds and dashboards etc. The first user is also a system level administrator but that just gives you access to the admin page. You can share read-only links to dashboards by attaching ?apikey=READ_ONLY_APIKEY but it doesnt sounds like that is what you are after?

Hello @TrystanLea, thank you for the reply! Yeah, I was looking for something that would allow me to create a user to whom I could assign permissions to access certain features in Emoncms… But now that I know it can’t be done, I’ll look for another solution to my problem…Once again, thanks for the help! =)

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