Accessing Dashboards using read-only apikey

Update to dashboard this evening adds functionality to access dashboards using the read-only apikey.

It enables users to share dashboard access without revealing the write api key, or mobile users to pin the URL to their home screen for quick access without logging in.
Typical access url is

Thanks to @mattjgalloway for the contribution.


@Robert.Wall just wondering where this feature should be documented for future reference.

Now there’s a question. Am I right in thinking there’s no dedicated emonCMS usage documentation, but that the most comprehensive set about emonCMS is actually in the emonPi User Guide? If I’m right, it probably needs to go in there. It probably implies some updates to the existing - that aspect needs checking.

Just to clarify the benefit of these changes for users that are already accessing dashboards via the read-only apikey. This change means that the read-only apikey now works as expected without having to set the relevant feeds to public.

The widgets not rendering/updating when using the readonly apikey was a pain, but it could be sidestepped by setting the feeds those widgets were based on, to public. This is much better thanks @mattjgalloway.

Are there any guides as to how to get this functionality to work