Any work on a WiFi only emonTx?

I’ve been offline for a while and slowly dipping in and catching up, but I like the emonESP solution on the emonTx - would certainly sort some things out for me later on.

Can’t find mention of this in the “plan” that @TrystanLea posted a while back, but any plans for a more integrated emonTx “WiFi” maybe without the RFM part etc. ?

Hello @peter, the EmonTx with ESP8266 adapter you mention is still available Using the EmonTx v3 with the ESP8266 Huzzah WIFI module,

There is the IotaWatt

and we are also working on an idea to use the STM32 as a core with a variety of communication options but its some way off at this point, see: STM32 Hardware Development and STM32 Development

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Thanks, I was just hoping something less Frankenstein and in the same form factor than the current mod-possible version - in my naivety I would think somehow swapping the RFM module for the WiFi would (with obvious work) allow the whole thing to fix in a similar sized case and maybe at a similar price point. The iotawatt is too big and too much for my use case(s).