Analysing emoncms data

So I have a bunch of emoncms data - about four years worth I think. I’m now thinking about using some of it :slight_smile: So how do people use their data?

I mean I have a load of files of data generated by emoncms. How do people extract the answers to questions like ‘how much electricity did I export from my solar PV, by day, month, year?’ ‘How much does emoncms think I used on my E7 night rate by d,m,y?’ Obviously emoncms doesn’t know I’m on an E7 tariff, and on the face of it might think I exported rather a lot on the few days that my electricity meter log went from some largish value to a near zero value (i.e the system crashed and reset).

So how do people extract and process the raw data into something meaningful? I can see I can write some programs to read the files and process them, but are there any pre-existing programs to do most of the work? Or other approaches?

That’s a great point and i miss my self out of the shelf analytics dashboards and insights from past data.
Not aure if there are alternative solutions out there that do that.
I’ve put some idea for @TrystanLea to explore on what i think could be an evolution of emoncms capabilites:

  • auto generated daily, montly, yearly data agregation for existing feeds automaticaly
  • unit aware feeds that filter out spurs values and have programmable alerts to trigger actions (email, url)
  • device aware auto generated feeds for compatible data types. eg a power device that reports W and V can have I, kWh, cost, automatically calculate as auto generated feeds per each time period.
  • viewing dashboard / apps / tables that display all details of a device in different time dimensions out of the box

I’ll add a “me too” to this.

I’d like to get some average weather data. I used to be able to do this with pywws, but I can no longer feed my data to that system (hardware failure).

I’ve suggested much the same to @TrystanLea. I think a scheduled post process could be the way to implement it.

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