Average the input values in a feed

i am getting the liter per minute of used water from my heater. I get this information every second. I would like to display this as water used per day.
As a first step I need to save the average of the incoming data into a phpfina feed with a one minute interval. I have not foud out any way to do this. Phpfina just saves the last input value. I found infos about phpfiwa, which should do this, but its long deprecated.

Is there any other possibility to achive this?

The timeseries database will record every data point that arrives - and this must be your own emonCMS, not emoncms.org because this only accepts data no faster than every 10 s. Because the data is stored along with the time of arrival, you will rapidly accumulate a huge amount of data.

Will the heater not give you the total consumption, which you can store as frequently or infrequently as you wish? Could you introduce another meter into the flow that would?

If not, can you use a separate process that will accept the flow rate data, integrate the flow rate over the one-second intervals, accumulate those values and report the total volume every however often you wish (every minute/hour/day?) - it would work in exactly the way that we accumulate power (W) to get energy (kWh), except rather slower (we do the energy calculation thousands of times per second in the emonTx).

I have my own emonCMS so this is no problem. Sure I could write a little script in between to do the job, but I would like to avoid it. It makes the whole setup more complicated and you have to remember in future that this scripts exists. It would be more nice if this job could just be done by emonCMS.
I don’t want to use a timeseries because I don’t want to record every datapoint just the average of the values we got in the last minute. (To at least save some Disk space :))

So the heater can give you the not-so-useful instantaneous values only?

We can ask @TrystanLea if something like this might be incorporated at some point, but I’m almost 100% certain it’s not possible at present. It might exist in another database/CMS, I don’t know. @Bill.Thomson ?

Yes, InfluxDB can do that.

Thank you, I will have a look at it. I would have prevered to use emonCMS because it feels way more easier to use. (Maybe I am wrong only had a short look at InfluxDB) But it looks like I have to many special requirements.

I have suggested that there is a post process, that could be scheduled to generate these sorts of stats.

Daily consumption / Min or Max temp / average temperatures etc.

Could be used to slim down data storage as well.