Post Processor - help needed


I’m struggling to understand how the Post Processor works. I have created a scalefeed post processor that works great, it does exactly what it should. Now I would like the newly created feed to update automatically when new data is added to the original feed. The manual says: “To automatically update the feed: use input processing on the original input to update the feed”. I interpret this as I should to go into Inputs and add a Log to feed somewhere in the process order selecting the newly created scalefeed. But I just can’t get it right. My inputs process list looks like this:

I have tried adding a new log to feed process but I don’t understand exactly in which place it should be to generate the correct feed.

I think this is one for @TrystanLea to answer.

Hello @karimelc ahh the idea is that you use the post process module to process the existing data up to this point and then configure input processing separately to keep it updated, its not possible to reference a post process from input processing, do you see what I mean?

That makes perfect sense, thank you @TrystanLea!