Scheduler for regular post process tasks

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Old topic, I know but…

@TrystanLea I have been thinking about daily/monthly max/min/sum type data.

For instance, weather data max/min temp & humidity for a day and month. I know about the max/min process but I only want a single data point per day stored. Same with month, but I want this updated so it is month to date, but again only want one data point stored per month.

If you could schedule a post-process to do that it would be mega!

  • Daily & monthly rainfall (sum)
  • Daily and monthly Solar

Also for power. Storing an actual figure rather than always relying on dynamic processes for power consumption could be really useful especially over extended periods - extracting daily data for a 10 year period dynamically would be a challenge!

Is there a way to run them in the command line? It could then be attached to a cron job.

Side note: Iotawatt has an equivalent to post-processors, but they run automatically in the background.