WVC inverter MQTT Data logging for all versions of inverters

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hi there for anyone who may want a data logging script for all WVC micro GTI with serial wireless connection it works with WVC295, WVC300, WVC350, WVC600, WVC850 and the WVC1200 ( i suspect the WVC1400 you just need to use the WVC1200 as the identifier)

it can be found at:

it designed to work with my version energy monitor but you can adapted to emoncms or other energy monitor- just edit internal mqtt to match your required formats

terminal window output looks like this:

Inverter Type WVC1200
Inverter ID c784
Temp 17
VAC 108.527
AAC 0.185
VDC 32.08
ADC 0.6666
Panel Efficiency .93
AC watts 20.07
DC watts 21.38
Overall Efficiency .93 # the overall efficiency of the panel grouping

cloudy and snowy day so the panels and inverter not outputting very much

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How do you connect a serial connection to those inverters ?

thanks for sharing @stephen

they are mirco grid ties in the panel themselves you get a small serial modem that you connect to computer/pi that talks wireless in the 450mhz range to all the inverters I believe each modem can talk to about a hundred different inverters…
you can buy them on amazon for 300ish for the wvc 1200 and 150 for the modem or buy them directly from the manufacture outlet for 150 for the wvc 1200 and 50 for the modem