WiFi MQTT Relay / Thermostat

Hi Guys,

I have recently purchased the Emon pi energy monitor and am really pleased with the setup so far and hope to get a better understanding of the energy usage over time with our solar pv, and air sourced heat pump (LG Therma V). I use Octopus Go tariff but think it could be interesting to see whether Agile might work better.

I am also interested in a more efficient control solution than I have which is based on a Drayton Wiser system. Your relay thermostat (design) would appear to fit well, particularly because it has a great UI and timer/scheduler. I would like to see how to use it to control the heat pump and other heating related controls, namely charging heat batteries (made by Sunamp) from the heat pump during off peak tariff periods. However, noting that the previous version had three channels and as I am looking for six , can you recommend how best to expand this system? Is the older 3 channel version available?

Perhaps there is a way to replicate the UI software within the Home Assistant environment, to bring together the control of a number of relays?

Hi @Jimebner - welcome to the forum!

If you have a Raspberry Pi with Node-RED on it you can get a “once a day” feed from the Octopus Go API, showing how much power you imported over the previous 24 hours; I set mine to poll the API at 05:00 each morning. IIRC you can’t get “live” data though.

More here if interested. Integrating Octopus Go API in to emonCMS

Thanks Julian, I have a Raspberry Pi running Node Red working under Home Assistant so I’ll have a play with the Go API. That will really assist to understand the consumption e.g. during evening peak for cooking loads.

Hi @Jimebner & anyone else who can advise,

I’ve had the Drayton Wiser system with DW TRVs on all radiators and DW room thermostats in most rooms for a while now alongside a regular boiler with a hot water tank and I’m very happy with how it works. I’m looking to move to an ASHP as a more renewable way to heat the house & I’m aware that the Drayton Wiser system has a heating source type of ‘Heat Pump’.

Did you go ahead with the Raspberry Pi setup? Do you know how well the Drayton Wiser system manages the ASHP? There seems to be virtually no documentation about it anywhere, that I can find. Do you have any other thoughts on using DW and an ASHP together?