SSH password error

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(Celso Henriques) #1

Hi all.

As i can see, the new password for SSH login is emonpi2018 (as it says on the emonpi LCD) but after trying without success, i found out that is actually emonpi2016. Can someone rectify this?

(Trystan Lea) #2

Hello @CelsoHenriques this has been fixed in a newer version, if you run emonpi update it should work fine (It doesn’t show the password anymore either).

(Greebo) #3

Does EmonPi Update change the “pi” password?

I’m confused how an EmonPi update could “fix” this issue… Unless the fix is just to not show the password on the LCD?

(Celso Henriques) #4

Thanks. Going to update it again.

Another thing:

As you could notice, as i dont always visit the comunity webpage, we need to pin a post with those changes, the ones that are “visible”. Since i have been messing with node-red on my emonpi these days, the backlight always on make me believe that i somehow missed with the lcd config file. Until i find out that the git file was changed.

Na(o) quinta, 13/12/2018, 11:36, Trystan Lea [email protected] escreveu:

(Trystan Lea) #5

No, my understanding from talking to @glyn.hudson is that showing the default password was removed and that the password shown was incorrect. The actual password at the time was still emonpi2016 not 2018.

(Greebo) #6

Thanks Trystan. Hopefully you can see how your post could have been confusing :slight_smile:

(Glyn Hudson) #7

Password is not displayed anymore, it’s also now possible to toggle SSH. Please ensure you updated to latest version by running Setup > Admin > emonPi update in local emoncms. See this post for how the latest emonPi LCD service works: