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Repairing Sun 1000GTIL2 or 2000GTIL2

I hi for any one who might have one of these GRID TIE INVERTER with limiter and battery input. if for some reason you see that no power is being detected
you will need to change some capacitors
2pcs- 220uf 16v
1pc- 470uf 25v (optional)
2pcs- 10uf 400v (optional)
these capacitors are found under the small controller board.
I only needed to replace 200uf 16v ones right beside the tiny transformer . the inverter will work properly after that… or if not you will also need to change the optional capacitors in the that area , as this is the power sampling area of the board. these were the capacitor that were suggested for me to change by an inverter repair group

Hi thats good INfol to no. I have a new one’ and on the Display when I got it said Sun-1000GTIL2-wal-wifi-LCD and now it say Sun-600G and will not work I am thanking a bad Control Board

when you look at the lcd do all your sensor show zero- temperature ac voltage and dc voltage . plus if you scroll to the sin wave display does it show a flat line… then it was 220uf 16v for me. if it was the control board i was told when you open it up and have it plugged in there a blue led on the main board would not light up. as that light is for diagnostic and the controller OS has fully booted… the blue light is opposite end of from the little controller board on my inverter

HI thank you for Reply’ It tells Tem. and AC & dc and has sin wave and has the Blue light

that seams weird so everything works but your firmware seams to have changed from 1000gtl2 -> 600G – if you have facebook account try going to and joining – gtil group.-- it is a sun inverter repair group they will provide information for differing problems related to these inverters

Yes it is; under where it says 600G has 10v to 30v I input 13.5 and it reads that but no watts stay the same if I put any thank over 30v it will say over vot wich should 22v -60v. On the Display I use’t set dump load that gone and on the and the Icon had a wind mill and has a solar So maybe OS I was looking foa reset on it I may chage these parts such to see Any thanks I wll try gtil group

Hi everyone. Somebody can help me this error on SUN GTIL2. Please kindly help…

try that

if not join this group

from the group –
Reheat/ re solder with soldering iron R6, R7, R8, R9, they are under right cooling fan. There was a manufacturing issue with those resistors, they are drawing moisture.