Sun series grid tie power inverter

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I have looked on line and seen where they use a heat gun on the lower section of the main PBC board that changes the LED satutus to blue but still no Watts ( 0.0 ) been generated .
I am fairly handy with a soldering iron if I knew what to look for.
I have replaced all the wires to my wind turbine to 2.5 mm wire but still no Watts from this unit .
The voltage/watts from the three input wires I have tested and seem to be working fine .
I would be open to trying a differnt system but this seems to be the only wind grid tied system .

curious is the wind version sun series grid inverter? with the 3 phase wind generator connection. for mine the rectifier burnt out and I had to replace that… here are some situation I had issues with my sun wind inverter over the the last ~15 years on a windy day does the turbine seam to be turning much slower then normally. it could be the rectifier or the relay that controls the dump load has fused ( if you do not hear it “click” when you plug in the AC opens the relay to dump load ) you might also have to change that . does it detect the AC ( ie the “click” or on the screen) if not there a little fuse that can burn out as well. if the fuse burns out again as soon as you replace it then a traic then that need to be replaced they arethe bigger ICs mounted to the wall . then there is the DC ICs some times they short check the 3 prongs of each one compare to the other leg on the IC if any of them are different from the rest they might of burnt out as well.

Yes it is a wind sun series grid inverter with the three phase connection .
I have tested the wiring after the rectifier and am getting a voltage ( slightly less than been shown on display but close enough ) but after this I don’t know what I should be checking for ???
When I reboot the system there is an audable click and the blue LED on the bottom right of the main BCP borad flashes and the display show watts been used .
Is there any where i can get this unit checked , waranty seems to be a waste of time ??

okay there an audible click ( so possibly the braking relay is opening) and you have power after the rectifier. is the wind generator turning slowly or spinning faster then normal ( braked or freewheeling ) - you can probably get it checked at any electronic repair place to see if the IC are working properly. you can also check if the dump load is disengaged by seeing if there any voltage at those posts after the click. what i do is if you have small 24 volt ac adaptor you can test most of it that way to see if one of the bridges is shorted or all of them if the dump load relay is working properly it give you an idea what going on ie with no dump load connected and the small 24 volt ac adapter drawing hard then one of the DC gate are burnt if it not display AC output … and if power going to the dump load terminals then the relay is shorted or burnt off . if the AC is not plugged in it should be dumping to the terminals and if the AC plugged in the dump load terminals should have no voltage

Thanks for this info is there a web site I can get these spare/change parts ?

I usually just buy my parts from aliexpress as it the far cheapest but slower