PV system generation

Not too jealous. Two days ago, (1 Dec) mine did 51 kWh. :wink:
Not bad for late fall production.

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But you’ll have to go to bed earlier - that spike at 1:40 has to be the kettle going on for the hot chocolate. Helluva kettle to take 5.5kW mind you. Must boil quickly. :slight_smile:


Hi Simon,

The spike at 0140 (and again at ~0900) is one of two 40 gallon water heaters.
I have an all electric house, hence the PV system.

Hi Bill, I wouldn’t make a detective would I!

I know the spikes are only short but because they are short couldn’t you prevent them happening by only enabling heating during times when you might be generating. You can manage this kind of thing in node red with timers that tell you when it’s daylight and dusk.

OT I know but just a thought.


Ot, but its only a matter of time until we are charged for ‘peak demand’ (as the Industrial users are already charged). This is one reason I am thinking of future batteries, so I can reduce peak demand, as well as exporting battery to the grid when I receive a ‘premium’, or otherwise just using during peak evening demand. I will move my cooking to all-electric soon (Induction cooktop). atm, I use gas, but we use the ‘caravan’ bottles (8.5Kg) that last us 6-8 weeks, at $Au22 to recharge, so hardly worth changing.

regards, Doug

Not a bad idea, but the w/h uses only about 2 kWh a day. Viz:

The large “spike” is actually a doubled up reading. A couple of raccoons got in my garage
(yours truly left his garage door open late one evening. You can bet I won’t do that again!)
and being the destructive little varmints they are, managed to disconnect the power to the RPi
that resets my WattsOn kWh meter.