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Portable emoncms dashboards (looking for testers)

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There have been a number of requests for making it easier to copy dashboards across accounts and between different emoncms installations. E.g copying an dashboard to run on an emonpi.

tag:name reference

For sometime dashboards have used unique feedid’s for their configuration which means that a dashboard on one account cant be copied to another account because the feedid’s will be different on the second account.
I’ve put together a solution to this problem providing the option to use tag:name reference for feeds in dashboards as well as feedid reference. The option to use either reference mode can be selected on the dashboard settings page:

After switching the feedmode from feedid to tag:name, go through each widget in the dashboard and re-save its feed configuration to use the new reference mode to complete the conversion.

You should then be able to copy the dashboard html following the next step to a dashboard on another account but with feeds of the same tag and name.

dashboard html acess

I have also added a second feature on the dashboard configuration page suggested by @pb66 which makes it simpler to access the html for the dashboard as well as making it possible to copy and paste dashboard content between installations:

XSS Filter

There is also a new xss filter that removes javascript to help protect against XSS attacks, using


Im looking for help testing these features before they are merged into the master branch.
To switch to this tagname_option development branch on an emonpi/emonbase the terminal commands are:

cd /var/www/emoncms/Modules/dashboard
git checkout tagname_option

You may want to backup your mysql database before doing this, just in case there’s a bug that overwrites a previously created dashboard.

The github issues created by @pb66 can be found here:

I’ve merged this into the master branch but not yet into stable is now running latest master which includes the html editor and feed tag:name feature.

I have also added a new API to make dashboard export easier (and will be used by sync tool)

This has now been merged into Dashboard stable branch V1.3.0