MelCloud polling issues

Off-topic: how often are you usually polling MelCloud? I used to be able to get away with every minute but occasionally had to drop to 2 minutes. I now keep it at 2 minutes, which is just about usable still, and I don’t have to worry about it sometimes stopping. You might be able to get some data if you throttle back on the polling.

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I think it is set to 2 mins but I’ve realised that the systemd restart for my script was misconfigured so may have been bombarding it with connection attempts.

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Looks like they’ve started limiting 3rd party access to MelCloud in the last couple of days as my script also has been getting throttling errors - MELCloud - Error - "This request has been throttled due to an excessive amount of traffic to our service" · Issue #109728 · home-assistant/core · GitHub has some more details on this, doesn’t look like there’s a hard limit currently.


Same here using pymelcloud and uploading to emoncms.

Was fetching every 60s but moved to 5 minutes and now working ok.

Well that’s annoying. I’ll try every 5 mins later.

Maybe I need to look into that local solution.


It was working OK for a while at 5 minutes and now getting the error again. Annoying as three of the values feed into the Heatpump app.

Doesn’t appear to be any official comment from Mitsubishi on this. Maybe it’ll fix itself …

It is annoying that they don’t provide a proper API with clear fair usage parameters


I’m now on 10 minutes polling interval for 13 hours and no throttling.

Some official output from Mitsubishi would be helpful.


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I think I will add a configuration option to my melcloud-mqtt script to set the user agent to one you get from your browser, to make it harder to distinguish from you leaving a browser open on their web app.

Does anyone know if the meldec proxy still works?

I tried it a while ago, but didn’t manage to make it work. Maybe I’ll give it another go…
Thanks for the reminder, I’d forgotten about this one.

Ah so I see. If melcloud is encrypting and locked to a certificate chain, that is rather difficult to break. Intercepting the cn105 connector seems a more likely path to success.

I wonder what happens to our MMSP payments if Melcloud blocks us or, more generally, breaks. I wonder whether our MMSP provider would read from emoncms.

I think a conversation with DESNZ to allow “jailbreaking” under MMSP where it’s clear that it’s being jailbroken for the better might soon mitigate any hadaches there!

(I should think they like OEM - and if not they should as it’s done more than any formal MMSP option)

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Just for final info, I did try moving back to 5 minute polling again but it failed after a while.

10 minutes works without issue so I’ve rebuilt my feeds to expect 600s as the interval.

I know I moan about this more than anyone else, but at the moment I seem to be getting alone fine with 2-minute polling:

As you all know I chased and chased this with the technical team inside Mitsubishi and wasn’t able to get any improvement.

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That’s unfortunate. Maybe it doesn’t like odd numbers? How many requests are you making each time?

I only use timeseries type for feeds these days, so changing the interval isn’t an issue.

I thought I would try 1 minute polling again, but only while the heat pump was running. Worked great for a few hours until I got the dreaded “We have detected excess traffic from your account” message. Turned it off for a bit and went back to 2 minute interval after an hour.

So that limitation seems to be here for good.


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