Login into Emonpi

Trying to connect to emonpi via shh ( PUTTY)
user : pi
password : raspberry
appear a message
Access denied

how can I fix this ??

I don’t think the password is “raspberry”

thanks , idont know were I read that I ll try


The older SD card image (Jun 2015) password is raspberry.
All the new images use the password ‘emonpi2016’
See ssh troubleshooting section: Troubleshooting - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

It’s good to move away from the raspberrypi default password!

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Since my new router won’t accept the same penultimate IP number as the old, I have to login afresh to the emoncms screen running locally on the Pi . Unfortunately I can’t find the login or password details. However I can login to the pi using ssh and access settings.php where it says

   // Default controller and action if none are specified and user is anonymous
    $default_controller = "user";
    $default_action = "login";

    // Default controller and action if none are specified and user is logged in
    $default_controller_auth = "feed";
    $default_action_auth = "list";

but unfortunately neither of these work. Where are the login details stored, please? Or how can I reset them?

They are held in an encrypted form in the mysql tables, I do not think you can (easily) unencrypt the password from the mysql data.

In settings.php you should be able to enable the “reset password” feature (off by default) which will allow you to reset your password via a link that then becomes visible at the log in screen. However this requires the email settings to also be configured correctly in settings.php and swift mail to be installed and working.

What will be easier is to enable the “multi-user” feature in settings.php and create a second user (new account) and then use phpmyadmin to copy the newly created encrypted password entry in the mysql tables from the new 2nd user to the original user, so the original account can then be accessed using the same password as the new user. You can then delete the 2nd user or just leave it dormant.

Thanks Paul

There is a php password reset script in the useful scripts folder. This is pre-installed on emonPi. Just connect via SSH then run the following and follow the one screen prompts:

$ php ~/usefulscripts/resetpassword.php

For more info see: Troubleshooting - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

thanks very much for that, Glyn.

Presumably the reason for secure passwords is that it is possible to set up
the router to forward traffic from the outside to the Pi and therefore to
access emon from the dangerous world outside. But in this case it’s a bit
of a nuisance to have so many login layers.