Wrong emonpi login


I’m trying to boot my Raspberry Pi 3B+ with the emonSD prebuild-image(13 Jun 2018) downloaded from GitHub. My Raspberry is connected to the Internet via ethernet. After updating it says I have to enter my emonpi-login. I created an account for Emoncms using the IP-adress of the raspberry. But after entering the login-informations used for the account my Raspberry says “Login incorrect”. Can anyone help me?

Thank you!

I was hoping that someone who knows the emonPi better than I do would answer. However…

If you can access the Raspberry Pi via SSH, you can do a factory reset, or you can reset your password.
For SSH, the User ID is pi and the password is emonpi2016

Then look here for more details:

Do you have accented characters in your User Name or password? Some users have reported problems with certain characters - if you can keep to plain ASCII, it should be OK.

I think you might be confusing the different logins.

  • You have a login to the emonpi - this will be via ssh into the base OS command prompt (the default credentials are in the documentation).
  • You will have a login to the local instance of Emoncms running on the Pi accessed via browser (on first access you are asked to register).
  • It sounds like you have an emoncms.org account as well

These three logins are completely separate.