Introducing - a public dashboard of heat pump performance

I think we can live without the daily option for now, if that makes life easier.

Also, while I think of it, the date selector seems to be stuck on 05/03/2023, rather than being today’s date?

Done :slight_smile:

Note: I’ve only made this available for periods less than 120 days in length as it uses quite a bit of server processing power to calculate these daily averages. It’s not doing any caching of the calculation so recalculates from whatever the base feed interval is every time… you may need to zoom in to a period to see the temperature data…


Should we remove it? or leave as is?

So it is, will take a look at that

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Fixed this one.

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Maybe it’s best to remove the daily aggregation, as it’s not nearly as useful as I thought it would be. Keep things simple, eh?

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Sure will do that.

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Hi - very impressed with all the work on heatpump monitor, and I like the graphs in particular. Adding to your (no doubt) long list of ‘nice to haves’ could you add the design flow temperature as a ‘colour coding’ on the graphs. Since this will influence the sizing of radiators you might guess that this would be a significant impact. I guess fairly obvious but it would be useful to see.

Thanks @JackHolly good idea, I’ve added it to the issue list: Comparisons of performance vs design flow temperature · Issue #25 · openenergymonitor/ · GitHub

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I’ve moved the grid profiles and aggregation posts to a separate thread here so as not to have too many different topics in parallel:

And another thread for other heat pump trials: Other studies and comparisons