Integrating PV and battery monitoring systems

I have 22Kwp solar PV system with fronius inverters and 36 Kw of solax triple power batteries both have web based apps but they don’t integrate is it possible to do this and increase the functionality by monitoring other sytems?

Hi Justin
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Are you looking to integrate the data from these into emoncms? There are a few examples of getting Fronius inverter data integrated into emoncms, either by direct polling of the modbus, or using http requests. I’m not familiar with the Solax interface but if they have a web based data server then it should be possible to get that data into your hands. I have a Fronius Primo inverter coupled to a Selectronics inverter/battery controller and have been able to get access to all the data needed. If you can be more specific in your requirements, I’m sure you will find all the information you need from the OEM community.


Is this what you are looking for ?

Thanks for the feedback. I have discussed some solutions with a software engineer who thinks we may have a solution. I will post this if it is relevant to the group.