Inactive EmonTx

I have a few EmonTx units installed in various cities which keep going offline/ inactive. Why would this be and how can it be resolved? Currently they need to be manually reset at site which is not resource efficient.

Thanks for letting me know. I’m currently investigating this issue. I understand this is frustrating and not a good experience.

How often do the units need to be reset?

Hi Glyn

We have 10 EmonTx units installed, a couple stop working each week and need to be reset. It’s not necessarily the same units that stop working either.

Kind regards

Are you sure the issue is with the emonTx rather than the base station? Do they all drop off at once or individually? If you’re running an emonPi as the base station, please run Setup > Admin > emonPi update in local emoncms. I’ve just pushed a fix for RF dropouts.

Hi Glyn

Yeah the EmonTX units drop out individually. I have just updated 2 of the EmonPi units and now none of the associated EmonTX u it’s are updating the inputs and only the EmonPI units are listed as active.

Interesting, it’s quite rare for the emonTx to stop posting, the issue is usually with the receiver. Could I ask for some more information to help debug this:

  • What is the RSSI (signal strength) fo the signal from the emonTx
  • How close / far is the emonTx from the receiver?
  • How many emonTx’s are communicating with the single base station?
  • What sort of environment are they operating, could there be external RF interferance?
  • When you visit an emonTx to restart it after it’s dropped offline is the red LED on the emonTx still flashing every 10s?
  • Does operation restore immediately after resetting the emonTx?
  • Are the emonTx’s running stock (unmodified firmware)
  • Do you know the firmware version? This is printed via serial at startup
  • If you don’t know the firmware version do you have the shop order number or approximate order date?

Sorry for so many questions, please answer what you can. This will help me track down the cause of this issue.