How to charge slower than 6A

I’m trying to charge slower than 6A
I changed MIN_CURRENT_CAPACITY_J1772 to 5

Now I see Pilot at 5A, but Current Now is still at 6A

Am I missing something?


Charging below 6A is not supported by the official firmware. There are a few threads on here about this:

The limitation is the vehicle, 6A is the lowest charging rate that J1772 supports.

the vehicle it’s a Tesla and it supposed to charge at 5A, you can do this from inside the car
isn’t the J1772 analogic, why wouldn’t duty cycle of 5A work?

Hi, I understand J1772 specifies only 1A steps for pilot signal from 6A upwards. Sure the car may be instructed to draw less power via some internal software, but not via the J1772 pilot signal.

I suspect most cars have a very crude pwm detector that is incapable of distinguishing small pwm steps as it is not required to comply. Indeed it seems my Nissan Leaf fails to turn on below 8A pilot… And then it consumes 5.5A!


Interesting. What model year Leaf do you have? My 2014 UK built model has no issues charging at 6A, although efficiency is reduced:

Charging efficiency

I agree, as far as I understand J1772 pilot is limited to 1A increments.

I have mk2 Leaf, 68 plate, 40kWh battery & 6kW onboard charger. It seems to charge ok, just does not respond to the pilot value shown on the UI as I expected. I did wonder if something was causing the pilot pwm to be detected incorrectly, maybe a bad cable connection or a slew rate issue. Have not had a chance to connect another vehicle to see if it’s the EVSE unit or my car :grin:. I must ask someone to come over and try it…