HeatpumpMonitor February Update

We are currently working on the next update to heatpumpmonitor.org, a lot of improvements in the pipeline!

See latest version in testing here: dev.heatpumpmonitor.org

Change log so far:

  • New data pipeline: Daily data summaries are first processed in emoncms based on underlying electric, heat power feeds, system temperatures and hot water/space heating flag feeds.

    • Support for seperating out hot water and space heating figures where the hot water flag feed is available - not supported by all systems
    • Fix issue with heating only meters that do not subtract defrost energy from total heat supplied
    • Improved handling of data quality issues such as an electric meter or heat meter dropping offline causing either very high, or very low COPs.
  • Daily summaries are then aggregated on heatpumpmonitor.org into monthly totals, last 7 days, last 30 days, last 365 days and all time summaries (it will be possible to use the daily summary data directly in the graphing tools but this has not yet been implemented).

  • Automatic loading of installer logo’s based on website favicon. Provides an easier way to identify installers. Installer name can be omitted in mobile view where the screen width is limited.

  • Option to list further training courses: Ultimate Renewables Pro and Heating Academy Hydronics in addition to HeatGeek Mastery.

  • A learn more link that includes links to relevant BetaTeach podcast episodes. Will extend this to include relevant youtube videos as well.

If you are self-hosting your heatpump data you will need to update the emoncms apps module to include the new daily data summary processor code before the system can appear again on the list. Login to local emoncms, navigate to Amin > Components and then Update the Apps module (v2.8.4).


This is excellent, thank you.

What about someway of showing hot water / heating % split of heat created?
ie, mine is something like 22% hot water last 30 days. Which I can see is high compared to some of the heat pumps out there.


Thanks @Zarch yes that sounds good. We are going to add tabs to select different standard view’s as well so perhaps a tab that explores this aspect in more detail too? Including the COP’s for the different modes?


Yes, sounds great Trystan

I also thought it would look great here, for instant viewing.

How frequently does it run to pick up these changes?

I added the heating/DHW boolean flag to my energystats public emoncms/app yesterday afternoon, but it doesn’t look to have picked that up yet?

Or is there anything else I need to do at my end?

I’ve reloaded your data, should all be in now.

also updated the manual reload button available on the system view, this can be pressed to reload the full data history, which is needed when e.g adding a dhw flag as the historic data needs to be recalculated with the flag data present.

There’s also a last 90 days stats option available now too! :grinning:

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Great stuff, i can see that now.

Is there any scope to add headings that differentiate which COP?
Otherwise we just get COP, COP and more COP. :laughing:

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I’ve provisionally fixed this for the COPs but really need to work out how to group stats under a category heading…

Cool. I will take a look.

Riddle me this one. I can see the separate DHW/heating COP now on the dev heatpumpmon chart.
But when I visit Emoncms - app view dashboard (but don’t log in) I don’t see the DHW/Heating breakdown.

But I visit Emoncms - app view dashboard and I do log in, I see the breakdown? :man_shrugging:

I’m happy with my DHW performance now proving the Mixergy is pretty good. :+1:

I will never beat those targeting 40/42 store temps though.

But only a smidgen of COP behind those MID metered units with my 48C target.
And it’s been a bit colder outside here. Clutching all the straws. :rofl:

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I think this is covered in these two open issues, right? If anything is missing be worth adding to the gh issue.

Can I clarify what you mean by this?

Heat only meters only account for (gross) heat. They ignore cooling entirely.

Heat and cooling meters also only account for (gross) heat and (gross) cooling.

There isn’t any type of meter that “subtracts” cooling from heating to give the net heat supplied. Must always be done in post production.

Yes I’m going to write a longer piece on this. Your right of course. The change above is to change from a mixture of using meter heating only energy registers to using the power registers which go negative for cooling. Integration to energy is then in post processing. This also benefits the splitting out to space and hot water but has it’s own downsides when e.g the data logging hardware/software has an outage, though depending on when data outages occur they can effect both calculations based on energy registers and power registers…

The next step is to switch to heating and cooling meters. I will write a longer piece on this and some wider thoughts on dealing with data quality issues soon.

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Have you made all the required Feeds public?

My energystatsuk emoncms heatpump app has always been public (via the tickbox). I only added a single new feed to it (the DHW boolean).

I can’t see anyway to make that individual feed public?

** EDIT ** ignore me, found it. Feed list, click the little tick, edit (there’s a public feed little tick in there). :+1:


@TrystanLea Do you think, for those willing, you could add a feed for tariff and calculate the cost of heat? I know I’m not the only one who is operating my heat pump flexibly (in my case using agile, but others are using special tariffs), that might then show that getting the best sCoP does not necessarily lead to the lowest operating cost. It might be that you also have to display average room temp alongside that :slight_smile: .

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Thanks Rachel, Yes this is on the roadmap, we are going to have a set of tabs at the top with different standard views.

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Other interesting derived metrics are:

  • Actual yearly kWh and kWh/m2
  • kW and W/m2 heating load (extracted from data when external temp is within +/- 0.5 of -2C)
  • The above values vs. design/epc heat loss and design heat demand. (help to see how accurate heat-loss assements are, and if they tend to be high or low etc)

Is roadmap published somewhere?



Mostly discussions on some of the older threads, it would certainly be good to write up and summarise :slight_smile:

Be good to use Github milestones and/or projects.