Heatpump Monitor Update

Happy to announce that the Heatpump Monitor is now available in the OpenEnergyMonitor shop as a development kit! The shop entry can be found here:


The hardware is now in its fourth revision with only a minor modification from v3 which has been much more stable after the addition of the higher current voltage regulator.

All documentation, schematics and board files can be found in the Heatpump Monitor github repository:


1. Packaged kit

2. Core kit of components

3. Assembled board

4. With enclosure

This is an advanced kit that requires assembly, soldering and firmware upload and is being made available in its current form as a development kit for those comfortable with electronics assembly and Arduino + ESP8266 programming. The kit does provide one of the lowest cost routes to a web connected WIFI enabled energy monitor at £36.40 ex VAT (£43.68 inc VAT) - price without the MBUS heat meter reader components and enclosure. If your on a tight budget and enjoy a bit of soldering this could be a good kit for you.

An alternative approach to ESP8266 WIFI energy monitoring with much less assembly required could be to use an EmonTx v3 with an ESP8266 Huzzah WIFI module.

There is also the neat IotaWatt project by @overeasy with ESP8266 feather board and ADC shield - which is a really interesting approach.