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Having intermittent problems after I upgraded emonpi (rPi3) via "apt-get upgrade"

Good afternoon all,

I am having intermittent problems after I upgraded emonpi (rPi3) via “apt-get upgrade”. I noticed many services were update, like apache, mysql, php, etc. Page loads on emoncms directly are taking much much longer and sometimes timeout. Any suggestions? Should I reimage the SD card to factory settings? If so, where do I source that image?

Also, the load average is way too high: load average: 3.46, 9.92, 10.00. I note that after I reboot, then log into emoncms, it brings me to the Feeds page and it sits there, the load on the rPi skyrockets. No response ever comes back from the Feeds page. Moreover, I cannot choose any other pages: the unit becomes unresponsive via the emoncms site. With that said, I can ssh into the device. It’s a bit slow to respond…

I’m really not sure what’s going.

Thank you,

Hi Rob,

Are you running the latest 03-May16 image? See file in /boot partition:

$ ls /boot | grep emon

I would like to get to the bottom of what’s causing these issues. Has anyone else experienced these issues? Can you see any errors in apache log file? I will test and upgrade myself and report back. Please, could you post a screengrab showing your Emoncms system info.

I can confirm the default latest pre-built image has the following software versions:

Pre-built image can be downloaded from: emonSD pre built SD card Download & Change Log · openenergymonitor/emonpi Wiki · GitHub

Hi Glyn,

Thanks for your response and continued help. See attached for the version info you request.

Also, I checked the apache error logs; found something unexpected:
[Tue Jul 26 14:46:20.767068 2016] [core:notice] [pid 10007] AH00052: child pid 10212 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)


Those seg faults are from the children of /usr/sbin/apache2 -k start

Thanks, seg faults are not cool :thumbsdown:

The upgrades I can see:

  • MYSQL 5.5.44 > 5.5.50
  • PHP 5.6.20 > 5.6.23

I’m currently updating my RaPi3, will report back after I test overnight.

After updating my emonPi (raspi3) has applied the same updates as you:

  • MYSQL 5.5.44 > 5.5.50
  • PHP 5.6.20 > 5.6.23

It’s been running a few hours so far with no noticeable difference in performance and no errors in apache log. All processes seem to be normal and system load is reporting load average: 0.70, 1.14, 0.77.

Here is a screen grab of my version numbers. It’s interesting to note that RAM use is down 10% after the update. This could be due to doing a reboot after the update which flushed the RAM:

Mmm which leaves us still to try and work out why you are experiencing these issues, and I seem not to. Are you running our pre-built SD card image 06-may16? What is the output of:

$ ls /boot | grep emon

Hi Glyn,

The output is emonSD-03May16

I went ahead and dd copied a working version of one of my 4 emonpis and used that SD to replace the non-working one. I kept the old SD card to debug.


If required for testing a fresh version can be downloaded from:

Thank you, Glyn! I had to abandon for now troubleshooting. I have an alternate solution using the disk image from the other working verison. I’ll keep the old image if you like to have it.


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@glyn.hudson - I am wondering if this is the same issue I have been struggling with.

I just started with a new SD card and a recently downloaded emonSD-03-May16 image. And I still have the “slowness”.

It seems like the slowness may be related to the apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade (or apt-get upgrade). So I am going to try the new everything again, but with no apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade (or apt-get upgrade). The only issue then is my Node-RED flows won’t work until I update the Node-RED software from 0.13.x to 0.14.x.