Disable OpenHab & Lightwave RF?

I don’t use OpenHab or Lightwave RF on my emonPi and I’d like to disable them from running. My emonPi has been running slow at times and one of the things I found was the OpenHab user with Java using lots of CPU. I’d also like to disable Java unless there is something emon that needs it.

I found the “To run openHab at startup” commands for OpenHab and I am guessing doing this (below) will turn off OpenHab.

sudo systemctl disable openhab
sudo nano /etc/rc.local

and then remove

/etc/init.d/openhab start

Does the above seem correct? And how do I disable Lightwave RF and Java?

Yes, the above will stop openHab from starting. To stop LightWaveRF from starting at boot you will need to run:

$ sudo update-rc.d lwrfd disable

and delete the lwrf entry from /etc/rc.local/

Just a quick follow-up. The slowness I mention above was not related to the OpenHab or Lightwave RF. It was related to many other things that I will document here:

Thank you!

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