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Grafana dashboard with direct access to emonCMS data

Hello all, I’m here to share with you how configure grafana to direct access to emoncms data. For this you need to use MARCUSOLSSON-JSON-DATASOURCE with this configuration:

Value of Header Authorization = Bearer APIKEY.

Next step, config your panel:
with params:
where id is feed id in emoncms.
sorry for my english. :slight_smile:

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and we get grafana dashboard

For get list of the feeds we need add new data source:

and config panel as table:

For get last value of the feed, we need add new data source:

and config panel as gauge:

with params:


Nicely done. thumbsup

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Thanks for sharing @Oleg that’s great!

Hallo Oleg
many thanks for sharing this. I tried to replicate what you did with for “timevalue” data but unfortunately without success. I can read the “timevalue” data via Postman from EMONCMS. but Grafana does not seem to get any data. I do not get any errors either.

Do you maybe have a more detailed description what you did to:

  1. get the Bearer APIKEY - I must assume this is something different then the “normal” API read api-key shown in the EMONCMS GUI?

  2. add a panel - e.g. did you add anything other tabs then “Fields” and “Params” - especially in the “Path” tab to define the data to be pulled?

Many thanks


all good now - Fredi

Hi Fredi,

What did you have to do to fix it?

Sharing that info might help other users who have the same or similar problem.


I did not correctly read/understand the comment about the “Authorization” Header value: Bearer APIKEY
APIKEY needs to be replaced by the Read API Key numeric value which you find in EMONCMS under “My Account”. I guess this is pretty straight forward it you know what you are doing :wink:
The EMONCMS API descriptions helped me to better understand what this stands for.
Other than that I just followed Oleg’s description.
Really great how everything works together - EMON is just a perfect system

Many thanks


BTW - I am running the open-source version of Grafana instance for Raspberry PI installation: Install Grafana on Raspberry Pi | Grafana Labs

You might want to have a look at this thread:

Thanks for posting the solution.