Getting (BMS) influxdb info into grafana?

Does anyone have any tips on getting the influxdb info into grafana?

Hi Fred,

I use Influx/Grafana (not for a BMS, but the same principles apply WRT Influx and Grafana)
and found this to be helpful getting it up and running:

Thanks Bill. Hopefully I’ll find what I’m missing.

If you get stuck, don’t hesitate to ask for help. :wink:

Ok I need some help :smile:
I can’t seem to retrieve the BMS data in grafana. I have the data source configured correctly, at least it tells me it’s ok. When I go to the query, I get ‘Undefined Response’ where the panel is supposed to be updating as I configure the query fields.

It appears there is no data being transferred into grafana

Can you post a screenshot of your query?
Here’s an example of one of mine:

The query looks like it should be OK.

Generally, when Grafana gives a “No Data” response,
it means the data source - InfluxDB - isn’t receiving any data,

Have you verified Influx is indeed getting data from the BMS?

How do I verify Influx is getting the data?

Are you running Influx on the machine you’re sitting at? Or on another machine?

The machine I’m at
New Post:
It appears I’ve run out of replies, I’m a new user.
***There is a database named ‘powerwall’ in the DiyBMS Management console. And in Grafana, setting up the InfluxDB data source. Is that what you mean?

Before we go any further…

You did create a database, right?

You’re good to go now. I bumped you up a notch.

While you do need those parts, you also need an Influx database.

Is your machine a Linux or Windows box?


OK. You’ll need to do the following at a command prompt.

type influx, hit enter.
type create database (database name goes here), no spaces, no ( or ) characters)
type exit, hit enter.

That’s all there is to creating the database.
After you create the database we can easily check to see if the data is actually getting into the database. So after you create it, leave your command prompt window open.

Unless you’ve configured influx to run automatically, you’ll want to look at this:

Unlike the Linux variant, the Windows version doesn’t start automatically unless you configure it to do so.

Ok. Giving it a shot. I’ve got influx set up as a service, but it didn’t seem to help. I’ll let you know in a minute.

Sounds like all you’re missing is the database.