emonPixel Development

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The development of the ESP8266 based WiFi pixel display has been continuing, the unit is now called emonPixel . @David_Hunnisett has been doing an amazing job designing a laser cut plywood enclosure for the unit.

Here are a few photos of the emonPixel simulating displaying % solar PV generation Vs Consumption:

We would be interested to hear any feedback.

Firmware is based on emonESP in development on github:

GitHub - openenergymonitor/emonPixel: WiFi LED Pixels

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Fantastic, when can I buy one?

Only one suggestion would to put a segment in the middle but that might be difficult with the space on the board.


Thanks, the plan is to launch a crowdfunder soon.

That would be nice, but difficult since that’s where the ESP chip is!

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Can this be made the same size as a standard UK back box/socket so it could be put on the wall easier ?

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On top of Stuarts suggestion, 12/5v terminals at the back to hide the cables when mounted on a back box/patress.


It already has a 5v in power pims exposed via the programming header on the back.
Ill check and see how it would fit onto a 1g patress iirc its ~80mm wide and a 1g is I think 75mm so it should fit nicely on top and hide the box.
I haven’t got a rear mounting plate but it wouldn’t be too hard to take a blanking plate and screw that into the back of the emonPixel with short screws!


ok so its a bit too small in its current incantation to totally cover a 1g face plate.
It cover the hole but the plates have a few extra mm on the sides that show :frowning:

Here’s a little video clip showing the emonPixel in operation

Hi Glyn,

Is there a example flow of the node-red emonpixel library? I’ve installed it but I can’t figure out how to use it.

Yes, there is an example here in the emonPixel repo:

Are the kits on sale yet?


Not officially, however we have a few (10’s) of fully working prototype units. I can sell you one for £20. This is for just the fully assembled PCB running latest FW and not the laser cut enclosure.

If you want to go ahead, please order 20 x customised payment units and leave a comment with your order: Specials - Shop | OpenEnergyMonitor

Thanks Glyn,

I’ve used it and made some improvements to it, uploaded a pull request on github!

  • Updated names MQTT power input to 'Solar Power Feed'
  • made comment boxes with short explanation how to use it
  • Updated debug message boxes with names and connected to more useful places
  • Updated the RANGE nodes with the "Round result to the nearest integer" option. no need for decimal digits in the output string.

That’s great! Thanks so much :thumbsup:

Hi Glyn
Ive just tried importing the NodeRED flow in preparation but have received the following error, I presume that I should have installed a module?


Yes, you need this module:

You can install via the UI: manage palatte> Install > seach for emonPixel > install

Spot on Glyn!

Many Thanks

No problem, your pixel has been shipped today :smiley:

Fantastic! :smile:

Hi Glyn
I’m struggling to connect the emonPixel to a wireless network, the LEDs keep racing round in different colours which isn’t identified in any documentation and I cant force it by holding down the boot button while powering up as this enters the bootloader.
I have tried reloading the firmware to check that it has the right firmware but I get the same?