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Emoncms v9.8.25

The latest emoncms stable release is now v9.8.25

Changes include:

  • Attempted fix for mqtt_input crash resulting from bind_param on boolean
  • Avoid “Divide by zero” errors Pull request #747
  • Fix case where csv value is null Issue #749
  • Allow forward slash in input process list text argument Issue #750

EmonPi/EmonBase Update: This update can be obtained from the EmonPi/EmonBase feature on the emoncms administration page.

SSH/Git update procedure example:

cd /var/www/emoncms
git pull

Depending on the version you are updating from, you may need to update the emoncms database after running the above commands. This can be done from the emoncms admin tab.

Please note: Important Emoncms Security Update - available from v9.8.13 onwards, including the present version.

Emoncms Modules