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Can't connect to my wifi network

Hi all!
I’m trying to connect my emonPI to my wifi network. Following the “Connect - Guide” I’ve reached the point where I have to select my network, enter key and get it done. However my network is the only one that does not appear for selection and I’m set up literally next to my router.
What can I do to resolve this? I need to set up emonPI as soon as possible.
Thank you in advance!

Disclaimer - I’m not a networking expert, however, does your router broadcast its network name?

Yes, “broadcast ssid” is enabled, it is visible on any other device as well

And it’s not restricted to listed MAC addresses?

Forgot to add that I recently factory reset emonPI, as I borrowed it from someone else, to
register my own credentials. I don’t know if it has anything to do with this.

If it does not have the latest firmware, it would probably be advisable to download and flash the latest: see Emoncms v9.8.25 There have been WiFi issues with the Nov16 release.

Just did the update and nothing changed. Question: is the wifi dongle by any means essential
in connecting to my network? I can see there is one in the emonPI unboxing video, which I don’t have.
All the other networks are still visible though.

The WiFi dongle is only required for the older RPi’s that don’t have inbuilt WiFi. As you can see WiFi networks, I presume yours is a later Pi. Which WiFi channel are you using? I seem to remember seeing something about a high-numbered channel not connecting.

If your router is right next to the emonPi, can you use wired Ethernet instead?