Emoncms stable release v11.3.0

I’ve been updating the emoncms stable branch relatively frequently recently, creating version tags each time but not creating a full release.

I have now created a full release for the latest version, which is now v11.3.0

The changes between version 11.2.3 (the last release with a change log) and 11.3.0 are:

  • additional units liters/minute, liters/hour
  • emonTx4 serial configuration tool (accessible from admin menu)
  • automatic firmware update on full update disabled
  • list of available firmwares for firmware update tool loaded from remote rather than local copy (removes need to update system to see new firmware versions).
  • feed post $arg variable renamed $padding_mode for readability
  • feed/list api option to return feed meta data with ?meta=1, provides a performance improvement if meta data is not required.
  • fix for null and non numeric error when posting non numeric input data
  • fix for zoom visualisation which was not showing partial years
  • user guide documentation moved from guide

If you are already on 11.2.10+ there are only a couple of relatively minor changes with 11.3.0, this release is more a bit of tidying to ensure there is a release with a change log on github.