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thank you for your great job.

One question : when we have download all data, how can we stop the synchronization with ?

best regards/ciao

@pb66 I have now re-enabled the email verification requirement as discussed above. If anyone has any trouble logging in please email us at [email protected]

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@dedinext thankyou for the suggestions, the RIPE Atlas project looks interesting. It would be good for anything like this to be in the full control of each user, with the default being straightforward private accounts. Perhaps if there are interested organisations out there reading this, this could start as a open advert in the community marketplace category of the forum to which interested users could respond?

@glonline the sync module only synchronises when you click download or upload, it’s not something that happens automatically.

Hello Tristan,
thank you for your reply.
I’m asking about a countdown every 9 seconds for “next uptate”.
I my mind every 9 seconds my raspberry call your server to verify for an update.

best regards/ciao

Aha I see what you mean. That only happens if you have the sync page open. Once you navigate away from the page that stops.

@TrystanLea I am trying to backup to a Pi with the usefulscripts repository but its not working for me.

I am not entirely sure if I can copy from to the EmonCMS server running on the Pi or if it needs to be a 2 stage process i.e. back up and then restore.

I have tried changing various settings in backup.php and it reads the feeds on the server but will not save them to the Pi (either to a directory or the local EmonCMS database).

Has anyone done this yet and do you have any tips? A copy of a working backup.php (less key) would be useful.

Looks OK now.
I created timeseries directory as that didn’t appear to be present on the local server.
Then sudo chown www-data:root /var/lib/timeseries

This is what I get when I run the php script but with sudo:

sudo php backup.php
{"id":"842586","nodeid":"1","name":"RP1","description":"Real Power","processList":"1:186321,4:186328","time":1528882719,"value":268}
{"id":"842614","nodeid":"1","name":"P1","description":"Apparent Power","processList":"1:186322","time":1528882719,"value":292.99}
{"id":"889497","nodeid":"1","name":"PF1","description":"Power Factor","processList":"1:187284","time":1528882719,"value":0.91}
{"id":"889521","nodeid":"1","name":"V1","description":"Supply Voltage","processList":"1:187288","time":1528882719,"value":238.2}
{"id":"925979","nodeid":"1","name":"E1","description":"Energy WH","processList":"1:188128","time":1528882719,"value":1926859}
8 feeds found
PHPFINA: 186321
--downloaded: 3063280 bytes
PHPFINA: 186322
--downloaded: 3063264 bytes
PHPFINA: 186323
--downloaded: 3063228 bytes
PHPFINA: 186324
--downloaded: 3063220 bytes
PHPFINA: 186328
--downloaded: 3062836 bytes
PHPFINA: 187284
--downloaded: 8903436 bytes
PHPFINA: 187288
--downloaded: 8903312 bytes
PHPFINA: 188128
--downloaded: 8677452 bytes

Wouldn’t import the data without sudo but then the files that have been downloaded need to be changed from root owner to www-data owner with:
sudo chown www-data:root /var/lib/phpfina/*.*

I am suffering from the same issue as @GeorgeB
I have also reported this in a separate topic: Cannot see any feed data after executing backup.php to migrate data from to local emoncms

So I see that he did the following:

sudo php backup.php
sudo chown www-data:root /var/lib/timeseries
sudo chown www-data:root /var/lib/phpfina/.

  1. Are there other things needed ?
  2. As I have run the backup script earlier, it already made some changes (including to mysql tables) - so should I first not undo those changes before running the backup script again and if so how can I do that ?

many thanks fro any advice.

Did the php script suggest it had done the backup?

if not, what error message do you get?

The first time I executed the backup script (not using sudo) I indeed got errors.

The second time (I also updated changed $local_emoncms_userid), i didn’t get any errors but the problem now is that although the inputs (on local emoncms) report that they receive updates, those updates are not stored in the feeds.
So the link between the inputs and feeds doesn’t work anymore.
Maybe this is because I have run the backup.php a second time with changed $local_emoncms_userid.

How did you set $local_emoncms_userid in the backup.php script ?

I left it with the default of 1.

Thanks a lot - I managed to fix it - the solution is described here : Cannot see any feed data after executing backup.php to migrate data from to local emoncms

I would like to migrate multigraphs from to my local emoncms installation but I only succeeded in migrating the feeds (see Migrate multigraphs from to local emoncms installation).

Any idea how I can migrate the multigraphs ?

Activating Emoncms Credit

Its now possible to access credit associated with past orders in There’s a new section at the bottom of the user account page called ‘Activate Emoncms Credit’.

To access your credit:

  1. Enter the email address that you used to create your OpenEnergyMonitor shop account in the email entry box and click verify.
  2. An email will then be sent to your email account so that you can verify your identity and wish to link accounts.
  3. Navigate back to the user account page on and refresh, a list of past orders will now show in the Emoncms Credit section with credit associated with the account listed.
  4. Within 5 minutes the credit will apply to your balance and within 1 hour this balance will update on the graph.

Credit can now be bought in the OpenEnergyMonitor shop credit shop entry:

Negative balances accumulated during the last 3 months will be cleared and credit’s purchased before the 1st of July 2018 reissued in full during the morning, after 9am BST, of the 1st of July 2018.

There is not an immediate need to apply credit on or before the 1st of July. If accounts remain in negative credit after July 23rd (3 weeks) there will be an automated reminder email, there will be an initial 6 week grace period during which credit can be applied before posting is disabled.

I would also like to say thank you! With your support we are looking forward to being able to give and the self hosted emoncms more of the development and maintenance resource it needs to continue to make it a useful tool. Your support is really appreciated.

If you are self-hosting emoncms and would like to support ongoing development of this open source, freely downloadable software financially, please feel free to buy emoncms credit too.

Is that 3 weeks plus 3 weeks, or 3 weeks plus 6 weeks?

After the initial period, what happens when credit runs out?

Thanks @Robert.Wall, 3 weeks + 3 weeks.

I mentioned before there would be a month before posting is disabled for accounts in negative credit, but I thought that given that we are in a transition period with the introduction of billing it would be better to allow more time at this point. If after this intial 6 weeks, an account is still in negative credit posting will be disabled but account access and data access will remain, including data download with the sync module etc.

  • At three months: account will be archived (the account can be recovered at this stage)
  • 6/12 months (to be confirmed): account will be permanently deleted.

Yesterday, I linked my account to my OEM shop account. After doing the email verification I’m no longer able to logon to my account; “Username does not exist”. PW recovery is not possible either. Any advice?

Hello @Lykke could you email me your username and email address to [email protected] and I will look into it for you

Dumb question maybe… and apologies if this has already been covered, and i cant see it…
Is the Feed charging regime, per active Feed, or for the “Potential” for feeds with the kit connected ?
We have our own kit and also kit deployed for customers tied to our billing account.
Our own kit is currently set up to log from just two feeds (but has the potential for a lot more, and more was connected in the past), but it appears we are being charged for 13 on our account. (i.e. almost all the inputs on the active device)

AFAICT neither, it is for all feeds present whether they are active or not. The term “feeds” refers to the storage feeds, not the input streams.

If you are being charged for 13 feeds, that would suggest you have 13 feeds listed on the feeds page, regardless of how many of those are “actively” being updated.