Dowell ipower 3kw storage inverter non runner

hi all,
I was a member here a few years back, after life has flown by, now getting back into projects after a busy few years,
I picked up this Dowell storage inverter a few years back from a guy that was using it in a van to keep the back of the van cold and help keep cold vegetables to and from a market. The inverter is a transformer type, and its very heavy.
Anyhow, he gave up the business and i took the inverter off hom
Its been sat around for 2 years gathering dust, i didnt test it when i got it, so this weekend, after a shed cleanout i thought id power up the brut and see how it runs.
It wont start up.
Ive put 48vdc on the battery side, and plugged in the inverter to the mains, no joy.
Removed the cover, it all looks clean inside, no signs of any burning, scorching or faulty components on the boards.
Ive put a meter on the AC connectors on the pcb and it has got 240v onto the pcb.
Has anyone got any experience in working with these types on inverters, or, if i cant get it to power up, have any use for it for parts?

If it was working before it was removed from the van, and has been in an unheated shed for years, I’d suspect corrosion on a connector first. Then, I couldn’t rule out a dry joint on the pcb somewhere.

After that, you need full details - circuit diagram etc, which might be hard to come by.

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Thanks for replying Robert.
I was hoping to see some fuses on the AC in on the pcb, but no such luck.
The pcb, connections are very very clean to be honest, no signs of damp, condensation, moisture or corrosion anywhere on the boards, connections or components.
All the FET’s on the heatsinks look ok, theres nothing with pieces blown off anything, the caps look ok…
I will try to locate a diagram or fault finding chart for it, but being chinese, i’m not too positive about finding anything to be honest.

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What switches it between grid-tied and off-grid - assuming it will do both?

(Because grid-tied, it MUST shut down with no a.c. present. If it’s set to off-grid, the first sniff of mains and it will shut down. It’s worth checking.)

Hi Robert,
The beast is running.
The reset switch as sticking, and preventing the inverter from starting up.
I think it can be set to grid or off grid, and to charge from the grid.
Now that its running i can see the menu structure, and its set to island at the moment.
Its only run for 466 kwh in total. Its hardly been used, although it looks battered as the case isnt in the greatest of shape.
Thanks for your help anyway, much appreciated.

I figured it was either something silly, or something very expensive. From what you wrote, there was unlikely to be a middle ground. Good to know it’s working. :+1:

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