Yeah that makes sense. I looked at about 20 different vendors is alibaba and the various sizes all seem to have the 90mm center to center spacing. I am guessing that it is some sort of prismatic standard for these cells.

Awesome that you would be willing to do this. When you release the new controller I am going to order it up, and hopefully these new custom modules at the same time.

Cheers @stuart



How many!!

These are 120, but many more built 2020.

What are you doing with them??

Please say MEGA BATTERY! muahahaha

Love me a mega battery

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Hi everyone, I’ve just published a new video on the latest changes and updates on the new controller and shunt.


I would love it if when looking at the main screen, clicking on one of the bars in the graph actually took you to the details on that cell on the modules settings page.

I am having a small issue at the moment with cell module 1/3. For whatever reason no matter how many times that I calibrate it, it’s voltage starts out right and then drifts all over the place, as much as 180mV up and down (340mV total drift) What can I do to figure out the cause of this?

Can you swap that cell with another one and see if the problem moves with the board, could be an issue with the connection to the cell etc.

i’ll try this when I get home tonight and reply here.

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Stuart, I watched the youtube, new features looking good!
I was wondering for the new controller and shunt pcb and components, will that be a JLC-PCB possibility?(due to the minimum orde of 5 pcb’s?) or is will that be available only through this site?

I’ll be publishing the parts for JLCPCB ordering, however it works out quite expensive as you can’t get a single board made - perhaps a group buy or similar may be needed.


Drop that as an enhancement request on github and I’ll see what I can do!

Thanks! I would be intersted to do something with the group when the time cones;)

@stuart Thanks for all your work with diyBMS, i’ve just upgraded my setup to the latest version :+1:

fyi, I am currently capacity testing my packs which is why they are not balanced or in order, I have another 7 packs to build. Total will be 14s100p at around 10kW.

thanks again


Nice work there @neil_l12, I’d add a twist to the wires between the modules to reduce interference.

Just pop one of the connectors out of the JST plug (easier said than done) and twist the wires around each other, then pop the connector back into the JST.


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Send me an email with the gerber and BOM and I’ll take a look at costs to order in bulk and assemble in the US. I’d offer them at cost while supplies last (likely 30-50 boards).