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DIYBMS v4 Missing Components

I tried searching, but it’s not obvious. I wondered if it would be useful to have a separate thread, just for part supply issues and discussions for alternatives. Hopefully we can then just collate them in one place for future reference.

To kick this off I would like to build one of the latest ESP32 controllers so that I can implement the Canbus with my Victron system. The following parts are missing:

  • TJA1057GT/3J

  • TCA9534APWR

  • TCA6408APWR

  • CA45-A010M226T

Some of these parts have extremely long backorders (up to a year), which could really put someone off using this system, as they just can’t build it. So any help with either sources, or alternatives would be very much appreciated.

For example, could the TJA1057GT/3J be substituted with a TLE 6250 G V33?

ali express has them all

Thanks, could you please include some links? I’m struggling to find the transceiver chip when searching on Aliexpress.

Edit: the Aliexpress search function is terrible, but if you Google the part number and add Aliexpress at the end they show up!