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DIYBMS v4 Missing Components

I tried searching, but it’s not obvious. I wondered if it would be useful to have a separate thread, just for part supply issues and discussions for alternatives. Hopefully we can then just collate them in one place for future reference.

To kick this off I would like to build one of the latest ESP32 controllers so that I can implement the Canbus with my Victron system. The following parts are missing:

  • TJA1057GT/3J

  • TCA9534APWR

  • TCA6408APWR

  • CA45-A010M226T

Some of these parts have extremely long backorders (up to a year), which could really put someone off using this system, as they just can’t build it. So any help with either sources, or alternatives would be very much appreciated.

For example, could the TJA1057GT/3J be substituted with a TLE 6250 G V33?

ali express has them all

Thanks, could you please include some links? I’m struggling to find the transceiver chip when searching on Aliexpress.

Edit: the Aliexpress search function is terrible, but if you Google the part number and add Aliexpress at the end they show up!

I have searched everywhere on Aliexpress but couldn’t still get CA45-A010M226T. I could get the rest items on and on Aliexpress. Any help would be appreciated. OR any idea if TAJA226M010RNJ can replace CA45-A010M226T

Mouser part 80-T491A226M006 (mfr #: T491A226M006AT) appears to be a close replacement to CA45-A010M226T.

From a very quick read of the datasheet it might be feasible, but stock for it is very limited or simply unavailable. Another option that is 100% compatible is IFX1050GVIOXUMA1, but that is also very hard to source.

If you are not planning to use the can bus you can omit this chip entirely though.

Thank you Mike - I found it here 10 Uds A, B, C, D, SMD de tipo condensador de tantalio 476, 106, 6,3 V, 10V, 16V, 25V 35V/0,33/0,47/2,2/3,3/10/22/33/47/100/150/220/330/470 UF SMD|Condensadores| - AliExpress

I found them here

TJA1057GT/3J - TJA1040T TJA1042T TJA1043T TJA1050T TJA1020T TJA1051T TJA1044T TJA1054AT TJA1057T TJA1145T TJA1057GT TJA1021T TJA1055T|Integrated Circuits| - AliExpress

TCA9534APWR - NEW 10PCS/LOT TCA9534APWR TCA9534APW TCA9534A TCA9534 PW534A TSSOP 16|Battery Accessories & Charger Accessories| - AliExpress

TCA6408APWR - 100% New&original TCA6408APWR Marking:PH408A TCA6408 TSSOP16 In Stock|Replacement Parts & Accessories| - AliExpress

CA45-A010M226T - 10pcs A B C D Type SMD Tantalum Capacitor 476 106 6.3V 10V 16V 25V 35V 0.33/0.47/2.2/3.3/10/22/33/47/100/150/220/330/470 UF SMD|Capacitors| - AliExpress

Guys, what is the current status in terms of Availability with jlcpcb… are they able to deliver?

Regards Emir

They should be able to deliver mostly populated PCBs. There is a general parts shortage for a few components but there are other sources for them and for the most part they are not too challenging to solder by hand with ~22AWG solder (under 1mm diameter) and a bit of solder wick to pick up any extra solder. Solder paste works as well but will also require solder wick for excess.

Thx for update mate!

Did someone already replaced the RS-485 chip SN65HVD75DR by a MAX3485ESA ?
As far I can see they are pin identical and have compatible electrical specs.
Hover TI claims 20mbps and Maxim only 10mbps.
I cannot get hold on the TI chip, this is the only one missing.

However obtaining IC’s of the shunt design are next level…

I agree they look near identical and very likely will work fine. The difference in maximum data rate is not super critical since the shunt and controller both operate at 19200 today and most other RS485 devices are either 115200 (EPSolar/EPEver) or 9600 (many other inexpensive devices).

C57928. LCSC has nearly 7000 available to ship within a couple days. I highly recommend submitting a batch order with all parts you will need for the controller and shunt if you are opting for both, this will save on shipping costs.

I ordered boards from JLCPCB and had them assembled, there are a couple part swaps necessary (capacitors) as JLCPCB often has stock issues and there are often a few components that can be swapped.

  • INA228AIDGST - Order direct from TI, most other suppliers seem to be out of stock.
  • LM5009
  • ADM2483

These are the links which I’ve used for sourcing parts for the shunt that were not available from Mouser/DigiKey/LCSC. I was hesitant to order them on AliExpress but I’ve had luck with these suppliers in the past and have been using the above linked parts in the shunt PCBs that I’ve assembled (still have a couple available in the USA).

I would sugegst to put some cross references.
THE CAN transceiver are at least available from 4 companies and those are inter-exchangable.
Here an example from Infineon(hope they can better deliver :slight_smile: ), otherwise switching down to 2MBit might be also ok.!view=crossReference&term=TJA1057GT

I’ve tested IFX1050GVIOXUMA1 and can confirm it is a drop in replacement, but it is not available in most places. I have a supply of them on hand as well as TJA1057GT/3 since I use them for other projects as well.




Could these be substitute with some thing else?

I got them all from Aliexpress

ATTINY1614-SSNR - 10PCS/LOT ATTINY1614 SSNR ATTINY1614 SSN ATTINY1614 1614 SOP 14 100% original|Integrated Circuits| - AliExpress

ADM2483BRWZ - 5pcs/lot ADM2483 ADM2483BRWZ SOP 16|Integrated Circuits| - AliExpress

LM5009AMMX/NOPB - 5PCS LM5009AMM/NOPB MSOP8 silk screen SLLA v150 100 milliampere switching voltage stabilizer original|Integrated Circuits| - AliExpress

Thank you. Have you receive them yet, how are they fit into Stuaurd design? Am ordering them too

some more help needed, tried to order a new batch of v4.4 modules and atm JLC are out of:

D1 = SMBJ5.0A_C440263
Q1 = FDS6690A

anyone gone through that and has suggestions [for equiv chips from JLC]?